His 1st album “Rocket Science” was released on October 30th, 2019 and his album artwork is published !
”Life Line” was released on October 2nd, 2019 as a pre-release 3rd digital single from his 1st album “Rocket Science”.

2019.10.30 On Sale

Rocket Science

1st Album「Rocket Science」
2019.10.30 Release!
POCS-23002 ¥2,800(tax out)

「Fly Away feat. Kan Sano」Music Video


His video of cover songs of popular artists went viral on YouTube. He went to the U.S at the age of 18 and then spent time making his 1st album “Rocket Science” in Japan and LA for around a year. His debut song “This is how I feel” and “Memories” were released on only vinyl and streaming music services. 29 FM radio stations played these songs in heavy rotation in Japan. “Fly Away feat. Kan Sano” was played in every H&M store in the world. DedachiKenta and Adam Kapit co-write “20”. They recorded this song and made a remix version in LA. “More than enough” was recorded at famous studio “EastWest Studios” with local musicians in LA. And Grammy Winner Engineer Justin Moshkevich mixed it at Igloo Music which is known for producing screen music such as “LA LA LAND” and “A Star Is Born”. This album consists of 12songs in total including 3 bonus tracks.
Michelle Mancini who works with such as Charlie Puth, The Drums, Portugal. The Man, Alicia Keys was appointed Mastering Engineer.

DedachiKenta released digital singles for two consecutive months in this summer!
The 2nd single is “Ambiguous”

2019.8.28 On Sale


DedachiKenta released digital singles for two consecutive months in this summer!
The 1st single is “Fly Away feat. Kan Sano”

2019.7.24 On Sale

Fly Away feat. Kan Sano

『breakfast for dinner』

2019.4.10 On Sale

breakfast for dinner

¥1,500(tax out)

All songs written by DedachiKenta

This is his 1st released CD and only available at TOWER RECORDS.
It is including “This is how I feel”, “Memories” and 3 new recording songs.


2019.12.23 digital release only single「Step by Step (Kan Sano Remix)」will be released on January 22nd !


2019.10.02 “Life Line” is selected as a song in heavy rotation of October on FM802 !


2019.09.12 「Ambiguous」Music Video is published!

2019.09.12 It is announced that DedachiKenta will perform at IRON ISLAND SESSION of “Tekkojima Fes” !

2019.09.05 1st album『Rocket Science』will be released on October 30th.

2019.09.05 「Fly Away feat. Kan Sano」Music Video is published!

2019.09.05 「Ambiguous」Teaser is published!

2019.08.16 2nd digital release only single「Ambiguous」will be released on August 28th !

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