Coming straight out of Ina, Nagano! They are avg.19 years old Wunderkind.
They all go to different high schools, but they hang out at the same live music bar called "GRAMHOUSE", where they decided to form a band together. Three out of five are Biracial.
The band made it to the finalist at the "MIKAKUNIN-FESTIVAL 2017", a contest for the teenagers only. 3,199 bands are there to compete. In the same year, they released the 1st Mini Album "2x3 BORDER" and this Album won a "prize for the local musicians" at the contest to decide superior music among CD stores. Also, they were nominated for the UP-COMING artist at the Apple Music.
Everyone in the band writes music, and they all make POP melodies. Pop music make the vocalist Akari Dritscheler sing naturally.
In August,2018, the year they released the 1st EP "UN" , they had a chance to do O.A for the Against The Current (rock princess Chrissy Costanza on vocal) when they came to Tokyo to perform. FAITH is still young, but is drawing attention from the listeners due to their timeless authentic sound. People often feel the band has a root in the music outside Japan.
In April 10th, 2019, they released the 2nd EP "Yellow Road".

Like they infected cities to cities, and prefectures to prefectures,
having the music without any border,
FAITH is about to cross national boundaries now.
They are ready to connect to the world!

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Tohko Arai (Ba)

Tohko Arai(Ba)

Akari Dritschler (Vo)

Akari Dritschler(Vo)

Luca Melancon (Dr)

Luca Melancon(Dr)

Ray Kastnar (Gt&Vo)

Ray Kastnar(Gt&Vo)

Ray Yajima (Gt&Vo)

Ray Yajima (Gt&Vo)