Participate in Rei's collaboration album "QUILT"!

Masayoshi Yamazaki participates in the collaboration album "QUILT" by singer / songwriter / guitarist Rei released on April 4th (Wednesday)!
He wrote the lyrics for the song "Moon and Letter" and co-wrote the song with Rei.And I participate in drum performance and chorus.

2022 years 4 month 13 Date (water) Release

Limited Edition (SHM-CD + DVD): UCCJ-9238 ¥ 3,960 (tax included)

Standard Edition (SHM-CD): UCCJ-2205 ¥ 3,080 (tax included)

Reiny Records / Universal Music
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recorded music
1. QUILT with Ryohu and Friends (Lyrics: Ryohu, Rei / Composition: Rei)
2. CRAZY! CRAZY! With Tokyo Gegegay (Lyrics / Composer: Rei, MIKEY)
3. BPM with Cory Wong (Lyrics: Rei / Composition: Rei, Cory Wong, Ariel Posen)
4. CHOTTO CHOTTO with CHAI (Lyrics / Composer: Rei)
5. Don't Mind Baby with Ryosuke Nagaoka (Lyrics / Composer: Rei)
6. Smile! With Sakura Fujiwara (Lyrics / Composer: Rei)
7. Gyu with Haruomi Hosono (Lyrics / Composer: Rei)
8. Stay Awake with Ryosuke Nagaoka (Lyrics / Composer: Rei)
9. TAKE A BREAK with Cory Wong (Lyrics: Rei / Composition: Rei, Cory Wong)
10. Moon and Letter with Masayoshi Yamazaki (Lyrics: Masayoshi Yamazaki / Composition: Masayoshi Yamazaki, Rei)
11. CACTUS with Kazumi Watanabe (Composer: Rei)