12/10 (Sun) “Masayoshi Yamazaki “ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 2023””
Notice of postponement of Tamba Sasayama City Denen Symphony Hall performance and information regarding ticket refunds

The ``Masayoshi Yamazaki'' ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 12'' performance, which was scheduled to be held on Sunday, December 10th, has been postponed due to the patient developing acute pharyngitis.

We sincerely apologize to the customers who were looking forward to this performance.

The rescheduled performance date and time isStarts at 2024:3 on Saturday, July 30, 16... is my plans.

Please keep your purchased tickets in a safe place.

You can enter the rescheduled performance with your ticket.

If you are unable to attend, we will refund your purchased performance tickets using the method below.


《About ticket refunds》

  • Refund acceptance period: Must arrive from December 12nd (Friday) to January 22th (Saturday)

*Please note that ticket payment methods and ticket issuing locations vary.

*We may not be able to respond to refunds beyond this period.If you wish to do so, please be sure to complete the procedure within the deadline.

  • Please fill out the required information *8 on the "Purchased Ticket" and "②Ticket Refund Request Form" and submit them to the Denen Symphony Hall counter. (Business hours: 30:17-15:12, Closed: every Monday and Tuesday, year-end and New Year holidays (December 29th to January 1rd))

If you have difficulty submitting it at the counter, please enclose ①② and send it to the address below (simplified registered mail).

*Download “②Ticket Refund Request Form”[Here]

Refunds will be made by bank transfer (cash payments cannot be made at the counter). After confirming the arrival of the tickets, we will transfer the ticket price and ticket return fee sequentially by the end of February.

Please note that when sending by mail, please use registered mail. In this case, the shipping cost will be refunded up to 470 yen along with the ticket price.

[Delivery address] 〒669-2332 41 Kitashinmachi, Tamba Sasayama City Denen Symphonic Hall Ticket Section

*XNUMX Please fill in the purchaser's name, postal code, address, telephone number, number of refunded tickets, bank name/branch name/regular or current account/account number/account name (Katakana). (Any format is acceptable)

Hall play guide (excerpt): Koyama Shoten, Fukusumi Store, Kaibara Tourist Information Center, Hankyu Oasis Ermu Plaza


Refunds will be made in the same manner as for customers who purchased at Denen Symphony Hall.

Please note that the refund will include the ticketing fee.


Refunds will be accepted at Lawson.

[Refund method] Please refer to the URL page below for details.

Inquiries: Lawson Ticket


Refund acceptance period: December 12nd (Friday) 22:10 to January 00th (Saturday) 20:23

Refund methods differ depending on the ticket receiving method and payment method.

Please refer to the refund method chart below for details of the refund method.

Check your situation while answering questions. Find the right refund method.

Contact: E+ Information