“YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI “ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 2023”” goods lineup announced!


Monday, October 10th (holiday) Kanagawa / Harmony Hall Zama Starting from the large hall,

The goods lineup for “YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI “ONE KNIGHT STAND TOUR 2023”” has been decided!


Original sweatshirts perfect for fall and winter, hand towels from Imabari,

Smartphone straps using illustrations of “Masayoshi-kun”, etc.

Lots of special items!


In addition, we will also be selling acrylic stands, a first for Yamazaki goods!

This is a random item, so look forward to seeing which design you win!

Please take advantage of on-site sales.


・Tour T-shirt/White/S・M・L・XL/¥3,500 (tax in)

・Original sweatshirt/Black/S・M・L・XL/¥6,500 (tax in)

・Eco bag/Khaki/ ¥3,500 (tax in)

・Hand towel/¥800 (tax in)

・Masayoshi-kun smartphone strap/¥2,000 (tax in)

・Venue-specific key chain/¥900 (tax in)

・Acrylic stand (8 types in total) / ¥1,200 (tax in)



The following past goods will also be sold at the tour venue.

・Poetry Masayoshi Yamazaki/¥3,300 (tax in)


◆Goods advance sales time

・October 10th (Monday/Holiday) Kanagawa Harmony Hall Zama Large Hall 9:14-30:16

・October 10st (Sat) Ibaraki Mito Civic Center GLOBIS Hall 21:15-00:16

・November 11nd (Thursday) Aichi Nagoya DIAMOND HALL 2:16-30:17

・November 11th (Sat) Fukuoka UNITEDLAB 4:15-00:16

・November 11th (Fri) Miyagi Sendai PIT 17:16-30:17

・November 11th (Friday) Kanagawa Kanagawa Prefectural Music Hall 24:16-00:17

・November 11th (Sun) Gunma Megane no Itagaki Culture Hall Isesaki Large Hall 26:15-00:16

・December 12nd (Sat) Nagano Suzaka City Cultural Center 2:15-00:16

・December 12th (Friday) Osaka NHK Osaka Hall 8:16-00:17

・December 12th (Sun) Hyogo Tamba Sasayama City Denen Symphony Hall 10:14-30:15


* Please note that the pre-sale time may change depending on the situation.

*If there is a change in time, we will notify you on the official website and SNS.



◆Payment method

In addition to cash payment, the following payments are available at each venue.

・ Credit card payment [VISA / Mastarcard / JCB / AMERICAN EXPRESS]

・Some electronic money/transportation ICs


◆ About mail order

Sales will start from 2023:10 on Monday, October 16, 18 at [Augusta Family Club].

Click here for [Augusta Family Club] ⇨


*Specifications may differ from the image.

* Please note that the number is limited, so please note that it may be sold out.