Office Augusta 30th MUSIC BATON Vol.11 "YAMAZAKI MASAYOSHI Special Live at BLUE NOTE TOKYO"
Pia Memorial Card Service (Memocapia) Implementation Decision! !

Memoka is a memorial photo card that contains the performance date, venue name, performance song, customer's seat number and favorite free word using the live scene on the day of the performance.
Let's leave a special live at Blue Note Tokyo with Memoka!
Those who could not see the performance, unfortunately, can also apply.

[Application period]
2022/10/12 (Wed) - 2022/11/12 (Sat)

[Click here for application/details]
Direct access to Masayoshi Yamazaki special site,
Alternatively, please apply from the "Memo Capia" TOP page.


・Masayoshi Yamazaki special site


Click on Masayoshi Yamazaki's slide banner on the top of the screen, or
Please enter "Masayoshi Yamazaki" in the search window and search for products.