NHK E-Tele "Miitsuketa! ], A new song "Nijiiro Candy" has been newly written!
Appeared on the program from the broadcast on May 5 (Monday)!

It is the first time in eight years that Yamazaki wrote a song for the program since "Onaka To Senaka Pettango" in 2014.
"Nijiiro Candy" is a joy that the boy character "Kossy" of the chair can meet someone important.
It's a work that sings the excitement of going to see you.
Many sweets such as marshmallow clouds and chocolate trees have appeared,
Gently snuggle up to the sweet and popping "feelings of wanting to meet".

The character "Yamaache" in which Yamazaki plays the voice sometimes appears in the video,
I am watching Kossy gently.
Please look for it together.

"Nijiiro Candy"
Lyrics and composition Masayoshi Yamazaki
Song Kossy
First broadcast date: May 2022, 5 (Monday) 2: 7-30: 7 am <E-tele>
* Rebroadcast will be from 6:25 to 6:40 pm on the same day <E-tele>