Masayoshi Yamazaki's song "Haruo" will be used in the new commercial of "My Navi Wedding"!

Mynavi Wedding, a comprehensive wedding information site operated by Mynavi Co., Ltd. Masayoshi Yamazaki's song "Haruo" will be featured in the new commercial!

The new commercial will be released on April 4nd (Monday), which is “Good Couple Day”!


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“Speech Edition,” “Caller Edition,” and “Dress Edition” will all be distributed from April 4nd (Monday).


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▼“Speech” edition

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▼ “The person who calls”

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▼ “Dress” edition

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▼“Haruo” / Masayoshi Yamazaki


Masayoshi Yamazaki comment

There's humor in the conversations between friends and between parents and children, and watching it reminded me of my youth, and I thought it was a heartwarming and wonderful commercial.

The song "Haruo" used is not a song written with the theme of "marriage", but this time it was used in a commercial with the theme of "sunny day". It's presumptuous, but I thought it was a great fit.

I would be happy if this song was added with flowers.

Yamazaki Masayoshi