JFN affiliated 27 stations net program

October 2021 is "Masayoshi Yamazaki Produce SUPER EDITION"

Original album that concludes the 9th anniversary of debut on September 22
One month produced by Masayoshi Yamazaki, who releases "STEREO 3".
Looking back on the 25th anniversary, he talks about his thoughts on his new work.

And we are also looking for messages!

Theme ① [My craft life]
This personality "Masayoshi Yamazaki" will be available from April 2021.
Started YouTube channel "craftpapa" specializing in DIY hobby.
Make a guitar stand, make a side table, make an instrument out of bamboo ...
So, let's hear from the listeners about "craft life"!
Like Mr. Yamazaki, those who have a hobby of DIY and those who have started manufacturing.
Please tell us about your commitment, the difficulty of handmade, and the joy of completing it.

Theme ② [Masayoshi-sensei's guitar special course]
We are looking for worries, questions, and questions about how to play the guitar!
Mr. Masayoshi will use the guitar to answer your concerns.
"I can't hold that chord" "I can't play that song well"
"What kind of practice should I do to improve my guitar?"
"Tell me about the maintenance of the guitar that has been left unattended for many years", etc.
Please hit Masayoshi-sensei with your guitar troubles!

And with the release of the album "STEREO 25" that concludes the 3th anniversary
In this "SUPER EDITION", we are also looking for [Masayoshi Yamazaki All Time Request]!
Memories, favorite songs, songs that you sing at karaoke, etc ...
Please send it with the episode!

From those who received the message, 3 people will be selected by lottery
"Masayoshi Yamazaki original goods" will be presented with an autograph!

* Winning will be returned upon shipping.

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Kazuyoshi Saito appears in the 27th JFN affiliated 5-station net program "ARTIST PRODUCE SUPER EDITION"!

October 2021 is "Super Edition" produced by Masayoshi Yamazaki.
Special guest Kazuyoshi Saito will appear on the final XNUMXth broadcast!
We will talk about "a certain song" recorded in the new album "STEREO 3"!
And a studio session! !!

<Scheduled to connect 27 JFN stations nationwide>
FM Aomori, FM Iwate, FM Sendai, FM Yamagata, FM GUNMA, TOKYO FM, FM Niigata, FM Nagano, FM Ishikawa, FM Fukui, FM AICHI, FM GIFU, FM Mie, FM Shiga, FM Osaka, Kiss-FMKOBE, FM Sanin, Hiroshima FM, FM Tokushima, FM Kochi, FM Saga, FM Nagasaki, FM Kumamoto, FM Oita, FM Miyazaki, FM Kagoshima, FM Okinawa

* Scheduled to be broadcast sequentially from October 2021th (Wednesday) to November 10st (Monday), 27.
For details, please check the website of the broadcasting station.

* There is a possibility that it will be changed or canceled due to a temporary response such as a disaster.Please note.

* For IP simulcasts such as "radiko premium", you can listen to them nationwide by choosing the above OA station.