Masayoshi Yamazaki will appear in the movie “Happiness” to be released on May 2024, 5!


Starring Airu Kubozuka and Ayame Makita,

``Happiness'' is a movie adaptation of Nobara Takemoto's novel of the same name.

Masayoshi Yamazaki appears as [Hideo Yamagishi].


Together with her mother, Ryo, who wishes for the happiness of her daughter Yuma, who has been told that she only has one week to live, and who kindly supports her daughter's thoughts.

He plays the role of Yuma's father, Hideo, who gently supports his daughter in whatever she wants to do.


The movie “Happiness” (directed by Tetsuo Shinohara) will be released nationwide from Friday, May 2024, 5!




Nationwide release from Friday, May 2024, 5


Starring: Airu Kubozuka, Ayaka Makita
Ai Hashimoto Masayoshi Yamazaki Yo Yoshida


Original work: Nobara Takemoto “Happiness” (published by Shogakukan Bunko)

Director: Tetsuo Shinohara

Screenplay: Izumi Kawasaki


Production Production: Kowa International

Distribution: Bandai Namco Film Works

© Takemoto Nobara/Shogakukan/“Happiness” Production Committee