"Kimi to Mitta Sora" will be used for Pitat House's new TV commercial!

Yamazaki Masayoshi's song "Kimi to Mitta Sora"

Decided to use Pitatto House's new TV commercial "Reia Yonekura Joining the Company"!

The new CM is2023Years9Month1Day(Fri)Broadcast more sequentially.



■ TV CM overview
Title: Pitatto House "Reia Yonekura Entering the Company" 15 seconds / 30 seconds

Starring: Ryohei Suzuki, Reia Yonekura *Titles omitted

Broadcast area:2023Years9Month1Day(Fri)more sequential OA


Overview of songs used in CM

Artist name: Masayoshi Yamazaki

Song name: The sky I saw with you


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