Masayoshi Yamazaki new goods will be sold!

From 5/28 (Sunday) 12:00, on the online shopping site Augusta Family Club,
We will sell the new goods "Muffler Towel"!

※The image is an image.The design and specifications may differ from the actual product.

The design uses the guitar and the person's name, so it can be used at events and in everyday life.
Please appeal to Masayoshi Yamazaki “push”!
Furthermore, since it is a jacquard woven Imabari towel, it is very comfortable to use.

Augusta Family Club product page:

Also, at the Karatsu Seaside Camp 5 venue where Yamazaki will appear on 28/2023 (Sunday),
We will sell this "muffler towel"!Please buy it at this opportunity!

For details on Karatsu Seaside Camp 2023, please see the official website.
Official website: