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Masayoshi Yamazaki decides to live on 3/18 (Friday) for the first time in his life! !!

As Yamazaki declared, "If the number of official Instagram followers exceeds 30,000, we will do an instalive."
From 3:18 on March 20th (Friday), it has been decided to hold the first instagram in Yamazaki's 00-year history.

For the moderator,
To help Yamazaki, who is unfamiliar with Instagram ...
A junior artist from Office Augusta,
Seiya Matsumuro, who collaborated with the music in last year's "HAND x HAND" project, participated as a helper!

What are you going to do on the day, are you talking almost ...?
According to the person himself, the details of the contents have not been decided at all,
In this instagram,
Don't miss the announcement of a new project from "Saito-san Project"!

Furthermore, at 21:00 after the instagram,
Jungle Pocket The special content of the video "Mr. Saito feat. Mr. Saito", which has become a big crowd in collaboration with Mr. Shinji Saito, has been released!
Masayoshi Yamazaki Official YouTube Channel (
Please look forward to it as well! !!

■ Delivery account
Masayoshi Yamazaki Official Instagram
↑ Please follow this account and wait for the event.

■ Live delivery time
March 3th (Friday) 18: 20-

■ Cast: Masayoshi Yamazaki / Seiya Matsumuro (moderator)

● March 3th (Friday) 18: 21- Click here for the special content release of "Mr. Saito feat. Mr. Saito"
Masayoshi Yamazaki Official YouTube Channel
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