By Chugai Pharmaceutical, Masayoshi Yamazaki x Dwarf
A movie "Warm Hands" to support cancer patients and medical personnel has been released!

An original work produced by Dwarf Studio, which specializes in "frame-shooting animation" represented by NHK "Domo-kun" and "Komaneko".
Please take a look at the movie "Warm Hands" aimed at supporting cancer patients, their families, and medical personnel.

[The main part of the movie "Warm Hands" that supports cancer patients and medical personnel]
■ Music: Masayoshi Yamazaki
"I hope that the message that I am not alone will reach the cancer patients and lead to hope."

■ Director / Character design: Tsuneo Goda
"I wish I could be encouraged and healed. The highlights are all."

■ Frame shooting animation: xpd dwarf Co., Ltd.

[Special website for supporting cancer patients and medical personnel]

A patient who spends a sleepless night in a hospital room.
"I got cancer ... I'm scared", I was worried about sending it on SNS, sighed, and closed my eyes.
Then there is in the mountains.It seems that he is walking toward the top of the mountain.
You will encounter many difficulties along the way, but with the support of various animals, you will move forward and forward.
What the patient saw at the top of the mountain ...