RPG for smartphones "Romancing Sagari Universe" Appeared in the 4th anniversary CM! "Minuet" is used for the CM song!

Masayoshi Yamazaki will appear in the TV commercial "4th Anniversary Minsaga Festival" of the smartphone RPG "Romancing Sagari Universe" distributed by Square Enix Co., Ltd.!
Co-starred with actor Kenichi Matsuyama and comedian Penguins Nobuo.

In addition, the theme song "Minuet" from "Romancing Saga -Minstrel Song-" released in 2005 was used as the CM song.
The TVCM “4th Anniversary Minsaga Festival” will be broadcast nationwide (excluding some areas) from Sunday, November 2022, 11!

In addition to the new CM video, the CM shooting making & interview video is also released on YouTube.
■ TVCM XNUMXth Anniversary Minsaga Festival (A)

■ TVCM XNUMXth Anniversary Minsaga Festival (B)

■ TVCM making & interview video

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