Document program "Augusta and New Normal" that delivers the present of artists
Kayo Pops Channel starts at 8:28 on August 11th (Friday)!

"Augusta and New Normal"
Sukima Switch / Yu Saikai / Masayoshi Yamazaki / Motohiro Hata Cast Kyoko Navigator
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"Sukima Switch Augusta and New Normal" August 8 (Fri) 28:23-00:23 and others
"Sai Yu Augusta and New Normal" September 9 (Fri) 4:23-00:23 and others
"Yamasaki Masayoshi Augusta and New Normal" September 9th (Fri) 11:23-00:23 and others
"Hata Motohiro Augusta and New Normal" September 9 (Fri) 18:23-00:23 and others

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"Kayo Pops Channel", a CS broadcast, is a music channel that broadcasts a variety of music and famous songs to a wide range of age groups.
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