"Updraft" will be appointed as a new commercial for Pitat House!

The song "Updraft" from "STEREO 3"
Following the Pitat House CM "Greetings from the New Store Manager"
Also decided to be appointed to the new commercial "My Home Auction Suzuki & Kojima Hen"!
OA sequentially from Friday, July 2022, 7!

■ TV CM overview:
Title: "My Home Auction Suzuki & Kojima" 15 seconds / 30 seconds
Cast: Ryohei Suzuki, Ruriko Kojima

■ Music used in commercials:
Artist name: Masayoshi Yamazaki
Song name: Updraft * Recorded in the latest album "STEREO 3"

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■ CM story
Mr. Suzuki, the new manager of Pitat House,
A buying and selling system that decides the price by the bid of the customer who wants to buy and sell real estate,
He talks passionately about "My Home Auction".
The reliable store manager's gaze played by Mr. Suzuki,
A member who has a contract and shows a relaxed look
The appearance of the customer who is relieved when the buying and selling of the house is decided through this service is
It shows the transparency, security and conviction of "My Home Auction".