"Augusta Camp 2022" Regarding system failure of ticket service at Seven-Eleven stores

After 9:23 on 1/00 (Fri.),
At XNUMX-Eleven stores nationwide, there is a problem that tickets cannot be issued due to a system failure in the ticket service.
Among customers who have purchased tickets from Ticket Pia, E-Plus, and Rakuten Ticket, those who have set their ticketing to "Seven-Eleven" still have tickets for the 9/24 (Sat) eve and 9/25 (Sun) Customers who have not issued any tickets will be given a temporary ticket based on the purchaser list at the venue.
Tickets will be handed over at the "same-day ticket counter" located near the entrance "GATE A" behind the Red Brick Warehouse Building No. 2.
Please come to the venue with the email you used to purchase the ticket and your ID.