Notice regarding Blu-ray & DVD "Augusta Camp 2020" inclusion benefits (information update)

"Augusta Camp 2020" Live Blu-ray & DVD will be released as a complete build-to-order manufacturing!

Augusta Camp 2020 was the first online event in history.
Live footage and bonus footage of 2 songs carefully selected from the two-day performance will be recorded and will be sold as an order-only product at UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE and Augusta Family Club.
In addition, products with "Augusta Camp 2020 Original Pass" designed for each artist will be released exclusively for Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sukima Switch, and Motohiro Hata fan clubs.
Products with fan club benefits will be limited to UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE.

<Product overview>
Augusta Camp 2020
2Blu-ray (PROS-4005 / 6): ¥ 9,570 (tax included)

4DVD (PROS-3012 / 5): ¥ 8,470 (tax included)

-Release date-
* UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE / Augusta Family Club Order-only products

-Purchase site-
■ Augusta Camp 2020 [UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE / Augusta Family Club Order Limited Items] [Blu-ray]
Augusta Family Club

■ Augusta Camp 2020 [UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE / Augusta Family Club Order Limited Items] [DVD]
Augusta Family Club

-Order period-
July 7st (Thursday) 1: 17-July 00st (Saturday) 7:31

Augusta Camp 2020 Day 1
・10 Years After / Fukumi
・ Ai / Seiya Matsumuro
・Hagi Marino Bell / Masaya Matsumuro
・ One Flame, Two Hearts / Kyoko
・ Silly Scandals ≪Original: TRICERATOPS≫ / Kyoko
・Wadatsumi Tree / Original Chitose
・ Wide section ≪Amami Shima-uta≫ / Chitose Hajime
・ One of my curries in the world / Yohei Hamabata
・ The power of love / Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL)
・ Barefoot Fairy / Yu Sakai
・ 21st Grace / Yu Sakai
・ More than enough / DedachiKenta
・ Climax / Tomoyuki Nagasawa with Seiya Matsumuro
・ Unfinished ≪Original: Masayoshi Yamazaki≫ / Takehara Pistol
・ Amazing Grace / Takehara Pistol
・ Toranoko / Motohiro Hata
・ Sumire / Motohiro Hata
・Sunflower Promise / Motohiro Hata
・Youth / Sukima Switch
・ I'm here ≪Original: Masayoshi Yamazaki≫ / Sukima Switch
・ Ah Yeah !! / Sukima Switch
・Full strength boy / Sukima switch
・ Let's form a R & R band / Masayoshi Yamazaki with Fukumi
・ Celery / Masayoshi Yamazaki with Fukumi
"Hop Step Shopping # DAY-1" / Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Seiya Matsumuro

Augusta Camp 2020 DAY2
・Curtain call / Youhei Hamabata
・Kaigetsu / Masaya Matsumuro
・ Galana / Sukima Switch
・ Hoshi no Utsuwa / Sukima Switch
・ Passage ≪Original: Masayoshi Yamazaki≫ / Yuko Araki with Sukima Switch
・ Sonorama ≪Original: Masayoshi Yamazaki≫ / Kyoko with Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Coin ≪Original: Masayoshi Yamazaki≫ / Yu Sakai with Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Hikaru Kaigara / Chitose Hajime with Masayoshi Yamazaki ・ Yuko Araki
・ Aru / Motohiro Hata
・ Uroko / Motohiro Hata
・ Cork / Tomoyuki Nagasawa
・ Where we started / DedachiKenta
・ Forever Young / Takehara Pistol
・ Unfinished / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Illuminated by the moonlight / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Do not turn around / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Flame Sign / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Tsubame / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Fireworks / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ One more time, One more chance / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Kagefumi / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Fat Mama / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Hareo / Masayoshi Yamazaki
・ Updraft / Masayoshi Yamazaki with Fukumi
・Let's go search for star fragments Again / Fukumi
"Hop Step Shopping # DAY-2" / Sukima Switch Motohiro Hata

Enclosed privilege "Augusta Camp 2021 rehearsal admission ticket"
■ Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Park Outdoor Special Stage
■ Schedule: September 9th (Friday)
* Since the meeting place and time on the day are being adjusted, we will announce it on the Augusta Camp 2021 official website as soon as it is decided.

[Announcement of cancellation of public rehearsal viewing of "AUGUSTA CAMP 2021" 9.24]
We would like to inform customers who have purchased the "AUGUSTA CAMP 9" video product released on September 15th.
"AUGUSTA CAMP 2021 Public Rehearsal Viewing" was planned as an enclosed privilege, but
Canceled by spectators on the special stage of Yokohama Red Brick Park,
Due to the change in the content to the live broadcast without spectators, it will be canceled.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Customers who purchase the product will receive an "AUGUSTA CAMP 2021 autographed special image" as a substitute benefit.
The image download method will be posted on the official website of AUGUSTA CAMP and Fukumi as soon as it is ready.

Regarding the download of "AUGUSTA CAMP 2021 autographed special image"
For customers who purchased from UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE and AUGUSTA FAMILY CLUB
Please check the information email we received.
Benefit download deadline: Until 11:19 on 23/59 (Friday)


[Fan club limited benefits]
* With Augusta Camp 2020 artist pass for each artist
* Order-only products for UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE only
Kyoko Official Fan Club "Kyoko Tsubaki"

Masayoshi Yamazaki Official Fan Club "BOOGIE HOUSE"

Sukima Switch Official Fan Club "DELUXE"

Motohiro Hata Official Fan Club "Home Ground"