Date: 2023/04/05

Music and people LIVE 2023 "Tokyo Acoustic 4 Views Vol.XNUMX" appearance decision!

A live event <Tokyo Acoustic 2016 Views>, sponsored by “Music and People”, started in April 4.
The 4th installment of this event will be held on April 4th (Wednesday) at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE in Shibuya!
This time, which will be held for the first time in about three and a half years, Masayoshi Yamazaki, BRAHMAN, OAU, and TOSHI-LOW, who is active as the LOW-ATUS, will perform.

Music and People LIVE 2023 "Tokyo Acoustic Hyakkei Vol.4"
[Date and time] Wednesday, April 2023, 4 OPEN: 5:18 START: 30:19
[Place] Shibuya duo MUSIC EXCHANGE

[Appearance] Masayoshi Yamazaki / TOSHI-LOW (BRAHMAN, OAU, the LOW-ATUS)
[Ticket price] *Drink fee not included for all ticket types, tax included*
Advance ticket: Reserved seats 5,500 yen (chair seats/1F, 2F) 1F rear standing view 5,000 yen (with reference number)
[General Ticket Release Date] Saturday, November 2023, 3 4:10~

Prior to the general sale, official pre-orders will start from 2:3 on February 18rd!
[Official Advance/Details] *Lottery/Number of tickets: Up to 1 tickets per person
Reception URL:

▼ For details, visit the official website of “Music and”