Date: 2022/12/25

"BOOGIE HOUSE" 25th anniversary Masayoshi Yamazaki fan club tour "Masayoshi Yamazaki BOOGIE HOUSE 25th Anniversary TOUR 2022" will be held!

We will hold a fan club tour "Masayoshi Yamazaki BOOGIE HOUSE 5th Anniversary TOUR 25" in 2022 cities nationwide.
We are now accepting tickets for the 3rd round!
Even those who have joined now can apply.

◆ Tour benefits
POINT XNUMX. Planned special content with match game with Masayoshi Yamazaki, lottery, commemorative photo, and LIVE!
POINT② 1 performances per day! *It is possible to participate in both performances.
POINT③ For those who wish, we will arrange accommodation at a hotel near the venue on the day of the event!
*Original goods for hotel guests only!

◆Additional information <First step>
◎Different event contents are planned for Part XNUMX and Part XNUMX!
◎Masayoshi Yamazaki himself will participate in a game tournament with everyone, such as "Introdon!" Limited to Masayoshi Yamazaki's songs!
◎There is also a chance to receive personal belongings of the person himself, presents he chose for the participants, and rare items related to the person himself!
◎There is a group shot with the person himself!
◎ We are soliciting requests from everyone for the songs to be played, and performing in a special sukima that is different from usual!
◎ Souvenirs that can only be obtained here!

◆Additional information <Second edition>
◎ All participants will receive a DVD of the participating performance at a later date!
A DVD containing footage of the performances you participated in will be sent to you at a later date together with the FC bulletin.
For those who participated in multiple performances, all participating performances will be delivered.
(The accompanying person will also be bundled together with the representative.)
*The contents of the DVD may not include the entire event performance.Please note.
◎ All participants will receive a “visit commemorative pass”!
On the day of the event, you will receive a "commemorative pass" at the reception as a commemoration of your participation.

... Stay tuned for more news! !

・ Tokyo performance: November 2022, 11 (Sun) The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
・ Sapporo Performance: December 2022, 12 (Sat) ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel Sapporo
・Fukuoka performance: December 2022, 12 (Sat) Ark Hotel Royal Fukuoka Tenjin
・ Osaka Performance: Saturday, December 2022, 12 Art Hotel Osaka Bay Tower
・ Nagoya performance: December 2022, 12 (Sun) Hilton Nagoya

◆Schedule (common to all venues)
・Part 1 performance (doors open at 14:45, start at 15:30, scheduled to end at 17:00)
・Part 2 performance (doors open at 17:45, start at 18:30, scheduled to end at 20:00)

◆ About application
▽ Application period
2022年11月2日(水)18:00 ~ 2022年11月7日(月)23:59まで
2022年11月2日(水)18:00 ~ 2022年11月21日(月)23:59まで
[Osaka / Nagoya]
2022年11月2日(水)18:00 ~ 2022年12月12日(月)23:59まで

* Only the "ticket only plan" is eligible for the 3rd reception, and there is no reception for the "accommodation plan".Please note.

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