Date: 2023/03/12

"The 44th World Heritage Theater - Mozu Burial Mounds -" appearance decision!

The World Heritage Theater will be held at Daisen Park next to Nintoku-tenno-ryo Kofun, the largest kofun among the Mozu Kofungun, which was registered as a World Heritage Site in XNUMX.
Singer-songwriter Masayoshi Yamazaki will perform with a special formation of XNUMX members: bass, drums, and string quartet.

・Name: "The 44th World Heritage Theater - Mozu Burial Mounds -
Masayoshi Yamazaki Concert ~ Thoughts connecting the past to the future ~"

・Date and time: March 5, 3 (Sun) Doors open at 12:1 p.m. Performance starts at 2:4 p.m. (Scheduled to finish at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m.)
※ rain scheduled, stopped stormy weather

・Venue: Daisen Park Large Lawn Square (2-204 Mozu Yuuncho, Sakai Ward, Sakai City)

・Participation fee: Free (pre-registration required)

・How to apply:
Please apply using the application form on the special event website. (External site)

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