Date: 2023/02/10

"Rikuo Presents ~TOKUZO HOBO CONNECTION 3days~ (2nd Night Singer-Songwriters)" Appearance Decided!

Performance date: February 2023, 2 (Friday)
■ Venue: Nagoya TOKUZO
■Open/Start: 18:00/19:00
■Ticket fee: 5,000 yen for each day, all-you-can-eat, 3 yen for 13,000-day pass (tax included, order by order)
*Drinks must be ordered separately on the day

General release date: December 12th (Sat) 24:10-

■ Release play guide
Ticket Pia
P: 233-461

Lawson Ticket
L: 41716

E +
PRE: 12/17-12/19

Organizer: Jail House