To the sky [Special board with DVD]

Released November 2016.03.02, XNUMX


1,944 Yen(tax included)


  1. 1. to the sky
  2. 2. Terminal
  3. 3. To the sky (backing track)


  1. Masayoshi Yamazaki String Quartet “HARVEST” 2015.5.8 Tokyo Bunka Kaikan performance songs 1-7 included
  2. 1. illuminated by the moonlight
  3. 2. I am here
  5. 4. coins
  6. 5. Benjamin
  7. 6. Wish upon a star
  8. 7. A Li Ga To

Masayoshi Yamazaki is celebrating the 2015th anniversary of 20 and is currently on a national tour. The new single will be released on March 2016, 3.
The title song "Sorahe" is the theme song of "The Movie Doraemon: New Nobita's Birth in Japan" (released on March 2016, 3), which was the first work written by Masayoshi Yamazaki in an animated movie. It is a medium tempo song with the image of "Nesting".
Also, the "Terminal" included in the coupling has been decided as the ending theme (January-March) of Nippon Television's "Burari Midorigeta Journey".

■ Tie-up information
M1 "To the sky"
"Doraemon Movie: New Nobita's Birth in Japan"
Release date: Saturday, March 2016, 3
Title: "Movie Doraemon: New Nobita's Birth in Japan"
Original: Fujiko F. Fujio
Screenplay/Director: Shinnosuke Yatsune ("Doraemon Movie: Nobita's Great Magic")
CAST: Doraemon: Wasabi Mizuta Nobita: Megumi Ohara Shizuka: Yumi Kakazu Gian: Subaru Kimura Suneo: Tomokazu Seki
Copyright: © Fujiko Pro, Shogakukan, TV Asahi, Shinei, ADK 2016
Official site:http://doraeiga.com/2016/

M2 "Terminal"
Ending theme for "Nippon Television" "Burari Stopover Trip" (January-March)