Quarter Note [Regular Edition]

Released November 2019.11.13, XNUMX

3300JPY(tax included)

<Contents> First edition limited edition/regular edition 11 songs in total

  1. 1. "Regression"
  2. 2. "Love in Corita"
  3. 3. "Eyes On You"
  4. 4. "Rotle Boxer"
  5. 5. "Profile"
  6. 6. "I don't know"
  7. 7. "I'm Home" (TV Tokyo series Friday 2018pm drama "Resident Detective" theme song broadcast in XNUMX
  8. 8. "Recollection train" (Kintetsu TV commercial "I want to talk, Ise Shima. (Spring Ise Jingu, 2019)" / "I want to talk, Ise Shima. (Autumn Toba/Shima version) song)
  9. 9. "Shadow Trampling" (November 11 movie "Shadow Trampling" theme song)
  10. 10. "Interval"
  11. 11. "Find Song"

Masayoshi Yamazaki who entered the 25th anniversary of his debut.
The original album "Quarter Note" has been released for the first time in 2016 years since "LIFE" in 3!
The album includes a single "Im home" (TV Tokyo series drama "Resident Detective" theme song, broadcast in 2018), a coupling song "Eyes On You", and "Reminiscence Train" currently being broadcast as Kintetsu TV commercial ( (Limited to single distribution), and includes 14 songs including the newly-written theme song "Kagedoku" from the movie "Kagedoku" that starred for the first time in 11 years.
There are two types of albums. The first limited edition is a 2-disc set with the movie "Shadow Trampling" original soundtrack as a bonus disc

■First limited edition 2CD UPCH-29350/1 ¥4,000+tax
As a bonus disc, the original soundtrack of the movie "Shadow Trampling" is included.
■Regular Edition CD UPCH-20539 ¥3,000+tax

■ CD purchaser benefits
Clear file (using the other cut of artist photo)