office Augusta New Face Project “Calling You!!”

Birthday: 4 Month 25 Day
Birthplace: Itoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture
Favorite things: Yomiuri G, comedy, elementary school language and music textbook
People I Respect: Hitoshi Matsumoto
Favorite word: "It is a talent to make an effort"
Favorite artists and composers: Tamio Okuda, pinkopinko, Mozart, Takeshi Kobayashi, Koichi Sugiyama

On the next day, I asked a cute girl next door to teach me a song called "Amarilis" that I used to play in the music class when I was absent in a junior high school. I am shocked by the change and melody. What is commonly called a lightning strike. That made me love music textbooks and at the same time made me strongly react to wonderful melodies.
Listen to junior high school, high school and fashionable things. There is nothing enthusiastically. Maybe there were many black dance beats rather than band ones. When I was invited to university, I entered a band without being invited. Or rather, lie and enter. Say "I've been doing it all the time". However, if you think about it now, this big lie is a fine play. After that, I got into the fun of music other than bands and melodies. I get a little more familiar with British and Swedish music.
After that, he started the activity as a bandman by forming "Sampling Sun" in charge of organ and vocal, but he disbanded in the summer of XNUMX and started solo activity at the same time. A unicorn copy band called "Beast and Boyne" is also in good shape.
The aim is "an eternal amateur." I always search for "wonderful melodies" everyday, hoping that my ears when listening to music will always be those of Amaryllis in elementary school.
Until now, and from now on.

office Augusta New Face Project “Calling You!!”

■ Yuichi Taka is a mini-album of Tsubasa Men's Production "If the World is the World !!!"
In charge of writing and composing "Mo-Mo-No-Rock" recorded in "If the world is the world !!!".

If the world is the world !!!
2022.4.6 Release (Loppi / HMV Limited Edition)
Mini album "If the world is the world !!!"

Lyrics: Yuichi Taka, Composition: Yuichi Taka / Arrangement: Keita Kawaguchi

If the world is the world !!! Official HP:

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■ Yuichi Taka is in charge of the lyrics and composition of "Saw me tight", which will be included in ABC-Z's 6th album "Going with Zephyr".

2019.8.7 release
6th album "Going with Zephyr"

"Saw me tight"
Lyrics: Yuichi Taka Composition: Yuichi Taka / Kabe Teru Arrangement: Kabe Teru

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■ Yuichi Taka is in charge of the lyrics and composition of "SORA", which will be included in the first limited edition A of King & Prince's 3rd single "Kimi o waiteru".

King & Prince
2019.4.3 release
3rd single "waiting for you"

[First Press Limited Edition A]
CD+DVD UPCJ-9005 ¥1,500 + tax
・"I'm waiting for you"
・"Ride the wind"

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■ Yuichi Taka is in charge of the songwriting and composition of "Pearl.", which will be included in the first limited edition B of ABC-Z's 5th single "JOY Shitai Kimochi".

2018.8.29 release
5th single “JOY I want to feel”

[First Press Limited Edition B]
CD+DVD PCCA-04711 ¥1,600 (main unit) + tax
• “JOY I want to feel” * “Tokyo Joypolis” collaboration song
• "Pierre."
• "Pierre."-Inst.

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White Love (co-produced with m.piece)

Pierre. / Saw me tight