2023.06.14 Radio

June 6th (Wednesday) J-WAVE "GOOD NEIGHBORS" pinch hitter navigator decided!Advance on-air ban on "Ai ~ Our color ~" in the program!

Sukima Switch will be the navigator of J-WAVE "GOOD NEIGHBORS" on June 6th (Wednesday)! !
Chris Tomoko, who is in charge of the program, will be a pinch hitter navigator for a limited time on this day.

And in the same program, "Ai ~Our Color~" from SUKIMASWITCH 7th Anniversary BEST "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-" which will be released on July 5th (Wednesday) will be aired in advance! !
In the 3-hour live broadcast on the day, in addition to the usual program progress, we plan to deliver secret stories about music production and thoughts on the 20th anniversary in the words of the two.

■ Program information
J-WAVE "GOOD NEIGHBORS" (13:00-16:00 live broadcast)

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