2022.09.14 Release

"Augusta Camp 2021" will be Blu-ray!It will be released on September 9th as a limited-order production!

The pattern of "Augusta Camp 9", which was held as a live broadcast on September 25, last year, will be released on Blu-ray!
"Augusta Camp 15" was an anniversary performance of Motohiro Hata and Tomoyuki Nagasawa's 2021th anniversary.
Including live performances of artists belonging to Office Augusta
The stage was full of highlights, such as the one-day 15th Anniversary Act by Motohiro Hata and Tomoyuki Nagasawa.
This work contains live footage of 38 carefully selected songs and a bonus footage "Hop Step Shopping".
It will be sold as an order-only product at UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE and Augusta Family Club.

As a bonus, it can be used at the venue of "Augusta Camp 9" held on September 25th.
Bonus tickets for "Augusta Camp 2022 Goods Purchase Fast Pass" and "Augusta Camp 2022 Venue Bonus Party Participation Ticket" will be included!
The order period for products will be until 8:15 on Monday, August 23th, so check the product purchase site for details!

■ Product information

``Augusta Camp 2021''
2Blu-ray (PROS-4007 / 8): ¥ 8,800 (tax included)

■ Release date
2022 years 9 month 14 Date (water)
* UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE / Augusta Family Club Order-only products

■ Order period: July 7th (Thursday) 7:18 to August 00th (Monday) 8:15

■ Purchase site
Augusta Family Club:

Rewrite / Yohei Hamabata x Seiya Matsumuro
Swing Swing Sing / Fukumi
Manazashi Daydream / Yu Sakai
Ainodeban / Yu Sakai
Sublime Fruit / Yu Sakai
Eternal Afternoon / Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL)
Lovin'Fruitful-Fruit in Love- / Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL)
Run Train Run / Yuko Araki (MI-GU) × Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL)
Congratulations / Yohei Hamabata with Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL), Yuko Araki
Just that much song / Yohei Hamabata
VIOLET / Kyoko
The Black Knight / Kyoko
Heaven's Door / Kyoko
Left-handed Zenmai / Tomoyuki Nagasawa & Motohiro Hata
Kimi, Meguru, I / Tomoyuki Nagasawa & Motohiro Hata
Ashita No Last Night / Tomoyuki Nagasawa & Motohiro Hata
The day the rainbow disappeared / Tomoyuki Nagasawa & Motohiro Hata
March Wind / Tomoyuki Nagasawa & Motohiro Hata
Himawari no Yakusoku / Tomoyuki Nagasawa & Motohiro Hata
CHERISH / Tomoyuki Nagasawa & Motohiro Hata
Episode of crying laughter / Motohiro Hata with Fukumi

Forever Young / Takehara Pistol
Amazing Grace / Takehara Pistol
Dance, Irony / Seiya Matsumuro
Kurage / Seiya Matsumuro
Compliance of 2 people / Masaya Matsumuro × Masayoshi Yamazaki
Kotonoha / Chitose Hajime
Nameless bird / Chitose Hajime with Masayoshi Yamazaki
Howl! / Sukima switch
Drop / Sukima Switch
Ah Yeah !! / Sukima Switch
Zenryoku Syoun / Sukima Switch
Fat Mama / Masayoshi Yamazaki
Side Story / Masayoshi Yamazaki
Celery / Masayoshi Yamazaki
Updraft / Masayoshi Yamazaki with Fukumi
Bright / Fukumi
Let's go find the fragments of the stars Again / Fukumi

<Bonus video>
Hop Step Shopping / Kyoko / Masayoshi Yamazaki

-Enclosed benefits-
① "Augusta Camp 2022 Goods Purchase Fast Pass"
* You can line up in the priority lane of the OFFICIAL goods sales booth.
Those who line up in the priority lane can purchase goods with less waiting time than in the general lane.
* Priority lanes can only be installed at the OFFICIAL goods sales booth.
There are no priority lanes for food and drink booths, fan club booths, CD sales booths, and sponsor booths, including the Augusta cafeteria.
* Clothing (T-shirts, etc.) will be sold only at the sales booth outside the venue.
The products handled may change depending on the situation on the day.
* Fast Pass is a service that gives priority to the sales area.
Please note that you may not be able to purchase the desired goods depending on the sales situation.
* Please note that the priority lane may be temporarily suspended or terminated depending on the sales situation.

② Augusta Camp 2022 Venue Bonus Party Participation Ticket
(This is a lottery ticket for members of the official fan clubs "Kyoko Tsubaki", "BOOGIE HOUSE", "DELUXE", and "Home Ground".)
* Details of the special event will be announced at a later date.
* Please note that participation in the special event is limited to those who have a performance ticket for "Augusta Camp 2022 Venue Special Event Ticket", "Fan Club Membership Card", and "Augusta Camp 2022 ~ Office Augusta 30th Anniversary ~".

*Please be sure to bring the privilege ticket to the venue. If you forget your privilege ticket or present a copy/photo, you will not be able to receive the privilege.
*The privilege ticket cannot be reissued due to loss, theft, or damage. In addition, we will not refund if you do not use it.
* Valid only on the day of "Augusta Camp 9" on September 25 (Sun).
* The award ticket cannot be used alone. ("Augusta Camp 2022" admission ticket and each fan club membership card are required)
*Up to 1 people can use each piece. (Pre-school children are not included in the number)

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