2021.11.22 Magazine

November 11 (Monday) Sports comprehensive site "Sports Navi" Kengo Nakamura and Shintaro Tokita, a special song produced by the date of 22 years [Kawasaki Frontale 15 talking with Kengo] posted!

A special project (18 times in total) of "One Four Kengo The Movie-Kengo and Frontale, a story of 5 years that inevitably changed accidents" serialized on the sports comprehensive site "Sports Navi".
Shintaro Tokita (Sukima Switch), who produced the original song in collaboration with SHISHAMO when Kengo retired, will appear in the 11rd release released on November 22nd.
Introducing the secret story behind the production of the song that became the theme song of the movie, the power that music gives to soccer players, and the unknown episodes of the two who have had a long and deep relationship.