Takuya Ohashi and Shintaro Tokita are two songwriters.

In 1999, Ohashi asked Tokita to arrange his own song, and formed the sukima switch.

In 2001, started full-scale live activities based in Shinjuku and Shibuya.

In August 2002, appeared on the substage of AUGUSTA CAMP 8 Chiba Marine Stadium. The performance in front of 2002 people was well received, and since then, word of mouth spread and the number of live performances has steadily increased.

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In July 2003, he made a major debut with the 7st single "view" as the first newcomer to Augusta Records! The song has won 1 stations of FM power play & heavy rotation. The debut mini-album “Kimi no Tawa” released in September of the same year also recorded good sales despite being a newcomer, and attracted attention from the media and listeners all over the country.

In March 2004, the 3nd single "Kanade" was ranked on the national radio stations and wired OA charts one month before its release, and recorded 2nd place on the Oricon single chart for the first time. It became a long-selling ballad number for their true value, and gradually expanded their fan base.
Furthermore, in June of the same year, the 6rd single "Furete Mirai o" and the 3st album "Natsumo Noise" were released in succession.

"Natsumo Noise", which has been the culmination of about one year since its debut, recorded the second place on the Oricon album chart for the first time, making it a 1st AL break! Tickets for the first nationwide one-man tour "Natsumo Notabi-Japan Performance" and additional performance "Natsumo Notabi-Additional Japan Performance" that sold the album will be sold out on the same day at all venues! Also, the 2th single "Winter Whistling" released across the tour recorded 1th place on the Oricon single chart for the first time. It was the first single to enter the best 4 and closed 6 as a year of great leap forward.

The 2005th "Zenryoku Shonen" released in April 4 recorded 5rd place on the Oricon single chart for the first time! When they got the highest number in their single history and got on the wave, the 3th single "Amemachifuze" released in June also recorded 6th place on the Oricon single chart for the first time. The song, which was the reason for their debut, is a name ballad following "Kanade", and its musical quality is getting higher due to its high sound quality such as songs, melodies, and arrangements. And in July, released the 6nd album "Kusou Clip". Recorded 7st place on the Oricon album chart! Since their debut, they have steadily improved their skills and continued to grow, and the album "the culmination of 7" received the support of many listeners and is still a long hit.
The first national hall tour "TOUR'05 National Shonen" (22 performances) that closed the album ended with great success, and in November the first DVD music video collection "Separate Sukima Switch" Was released. In addition, he made his first appearance in the "Kohaku Uta Gassen", closing the curtain as a great leap year.

The 2006th single "Bokunote" released in March 3 was a big hit as the theme song of "Movie Doraemon: Nobita's Dinosaur 7"! The collaboration with the popular national character has earned the support of a wider audience. The nationwide tour "TOUR '2006 "Sora So Trip"" that started with the release of the single ended in great success, and in the following July Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Suga Shikao, COIL, Moto Chitose and other offices belong to Augusta He is also in charge of the lyrics, composition and production of a new single "Planetary Timer" by a special unit "Fukumi" where artists participate. In August, the 06th single "Garana" was released as the theme song of the live-action movie of the rough best-selling "Rough" by Mitsuru Adachi. Along with the coupling songs "Sphere no Hane" (7 ABC Summer High School Baseball Uniform Theme Song) and "Pekan Boogie" (NTV's "Zoom In!! SUPER" Spring Weather Theme Song), it became a hot topic, and it was imposing on the Oricon single chart Record the first appearance first place! In November, they released their 8th single "Akatsuki no Uta" and their 8rd album "Yukafu Blend". The album recorded its highest sales and made a further leap forward. "Bokunote" won the gold medal at the Japan Record Award, and played the second song in "Kohaku Uta Gassen" with the same song.

In February 2007, a nationwide tour "Yukafu Travel" that started with the album "Yukafu Blend" started. The tour, which has spread to 2 performances nationwide, ended in great success and has grown significantly as a live artist. The 38th single "Marine Snow" will be released in July, and the first best version "Greatest Hits" will be released in August. It became a long hit by winning No. 7 on the Oricon album chart for two consecutive weeks. The first national arena tour (Tokyo / Osaka / Nagoya / Fukuoka / Sapporo / Saitama) will be held with the best album from October, and about 10 people will be mobilized. He played in the “Kohaku Uta Gassen” for the third consecutive year with the second single “Kanade” that triggered the break.

In 2008, in order to improve his skills as an artist, he will perform solo activities in parallel with the activities of Sukima Switch.

In January 2009, the new song "Shizuku" by Sukima Switch, which celebrated the 1th anniversary of its formation, will be used as the opening theme for NHK educational TV animation "Beast Player Erin". “Shizuku” Chaku-Uta (R), which started distribution in time with the first anime broadcast, recorded 10st place on the <RecoChoku Anime / Game / Uta> site daily chart (1nd place on the January 09 monthly chart). In March, for the first time, a group tour with only two members, "Sukima Switch Tour '1" Doubles "" (2 locations and 3 performances) was dared. In May, the first single "Rainbow Recipe" in 2 was released, about 09 year and 7 months after the previous work. Following the participation in summer festivals in various places, the new single "Golden Time Lover" (the opening theme of the MBS / TBS anime "Fullmetal Alchemist") and the original album "Nayuta and Fukashigi" for the first time in about three years have been released. Released.

In 2010, from January to April, the nationwide tour "Sukima Switch TOUR 1" Lagrange Point "(4 performances at 2010 locations) that attracted 33 people was a huge success, and in July, the single" Ice "Cream Syndrome" (theme song for the movie version "Pokemon Diamond Pearl Phantom of the Shadow Zoroark") is released. In November, they also released a Live Album and DVD containing a nationwide spring tour.

In January 2011, we released the first ballad single "Saigo no Hi" for the first time in 1 and a half years, which won the number one spot on the USEN J-POP general chart for the second consecutive week. In April, he wrote down the theme song "Ishikoro Days", which is the theme song for NHK educational TV "Junior High School Diary", which has reached the 1th anniversary of the start of broadcasting. "Sentimental Home Town" was released in July, and "Ishikoro Days" was released in August. In September, they released the single "Hara tokiki cloudy", and in October they released the original album "musium", which is the first time in two years since the previous work.

In 2012, from January to April, we made a nationwide tour “Sukima Switch TOUR 1“ musium ”” with “musium” and achieved great success. In June, the image song "Last Scene" was released for the movie "Ikijo Theatrical Edition", and in August, the opening theme "Eureka" for the TV anime "Uchu Brothers" was released. After that, the self-cover best version "DOUBLES BEST" was released, and from autumn, a total of 4 performances of 2012 prefecture tours "Sukima Switch TOUR6-8" DOUBLES ALL JAPAN "" were completed with great success. The final performance of the tour final in Okinawa will be broadcast for the first time in history at movie theaters nationwide! Tour finals were reached at the same time in 47 prefectures nationwide including Okinawa.

In June 2013, the first single "Scarlet" (TV Asahi's "Saturday Wide Theater" theme song) was released, and on July 6, the 7th anniversary of its debut was reached, and it entered the 9th year. In July, the second single 10 "Hello Especially" (the ending theme of Fuji TV "Noitamina" animation "Silver Spoon" ending theme) was released in August, and the first all-time best to commemorate the 11th anniversary of debut. Released the album "POPMAN'S WORLD-All Time Best 7-2013-". In the summer, the office Augusta's annual summer event "Augusta Camp" is fully produced. In October and November, the arena tour "SukimaSwitch 8th Anniversary Arena Tour 10" POPMAN'S WORLD "" will be held for the first time in about 2003 years. Furthermore, in December, a special live "SukimaSwitch 2013th Anniversary" Symphonic Sound of SukimaSwitch "" was held for one night, which was a competition with a luxurious full orchestra. It was

In 2014, the 10th anniversary live work (CD / Blu-ray & DVD) was released for 4 consecutive months. In 2014, the first single "Ah Yeah !!" has the title song (M1) "Ah Yeah !!" as the opening theme of the MBS / TBS TV anime "Haikyu !!", and the coupling (M2) "Summer Cosmonout". Became a cheering song for the National High School Comprehensive Athletic Meet (Inter-High) to be held from July, and was released as a double tie-up single. Released the 7st single "Parabolava" (Yokohama Tire "Ice Guard Five" CM song) and the 21nd single "Hoshi no Utsuwa" (theme song of "THE LAST -NARUTO THE MOVIE-") for two consecutive months. In December, he released his first self-titled 22th original album "Sukima Switch".

From January 2015, a nationwide tour “Sukima Switch TOUR 1“ SUKIMA SWITCH ”” was held with the album “Sukima Switch” (2015 performances at 28 locations nationwide). All performances were sold out on the same day, and the additional performances held at Nippon Budokan and Osaka Castle Hall ended with great success. The title song (M32) "LINE" is the opening theme for the TV Tokyo animation "NARUTO-Naruto Shippuden", the first song in about 1 year, and the coupling (M1) "Hanatsu" is the "2th Nationwide". The theme song for the "High School Rugby Tournament" has been decided, and it will be released on November 95th as a double tie-up single.

In April 2016, another best album "POPMAN'S ANOTHER WORLD" was released, which is a companion to the best compilation album "POPMAN'S WORLD" which was a huge hit.In addition, a tour "Sukima Switch TOUR 4" POPMANS CARNIVAL "" was held with the same work (2016 performances at 20 locations nationwide).
In October after the end of the tour, the live album "Sukima Switch TOUR 10" POPMAN'S CARNIVAL "" was released.
In November, the 11th single "Zenriki Shonen produced by Tamio Okuda" (TV anime "ALL OUT !!" theme song) will be released for the first time in about a year.
"Hanatsu" recorded in the coupling (M2) was appointed as the theme song for the "96th National High School Rugby Tournament".

In February 2017, we released a rearrange / reproduce album "re: Action," which was produced with 2 artists representing the music scene as producers, with the concept of "Sukima Switch's famous songs will be reborn."
From April, we will hold the first Sukima Switch nationwide van tour with 4 guests nationwide (14 performances in 17 locations nationwide), and the additional performances held at Nakano Sun Plaza Hall Orix Theater will be a great success. did.
The 2th single "Mr. Kite / Richerka" (both A-side singles) will be released in September, which is the first time in about two years. M25 "Richerka" is the theme song for the TV Tokyo series Friday 9 o'clock drama "Metropolitan Metropolitan Police Department Zero Counseling Room-SECOND SEASON". M2 "Goodbye Escape" CM song for "My Navi Advancement". M8 "Kokoro City" has been used as the theme song for the 3th anniversary of the opening of the TV station.
The single "LINE" coupling (M2015) "Hanatsu" released in 2 was used as the theme song for the "97th National High School Rugby Tournament."

In March 2018, released the 3th original album "New Space Algorithm" for the first time in about 3 years.
"Miraika" from the album has been used as the tie-up song for Accuview.
From April, the "SUKIMA SWITCH TOUR 4" ALGOrhythm "" tour that held the album was held (2018 performances in 27 locations nationwide) and ended in great success.
In May, Bass Drum Strings were recorded at Abbey Road Studios, where The Beatles, who always loves "Miraika" recorded in "New Spatial Algorithms", loved Sukima Switch. "Miraika for Anniversary", a band version with the addition of "," was released as a distribution single.
On July 7, we celebrated the 9th anniversary of our debut.
In September, we would like to release the first selection album "Sukimano Hanataba -Love Song Selection-" to give music to loved ones. The booklet of the album was made the specification of the message card & lyrics on the theme. To celebrate the 9th anniversary of their debut in November, they held their first solo performance at Yokohama Arena, "SUKIMA SWITCH 11th Anniversary Special at YOKOHAMA ARENA ~ Reversible ~" for 15 days and ended with great success.
The first selection album "Sukimano Hanataba -Love Song Selection-" won the "60th Shining! Japan Record Award" Planning Award.
The single "LINE" coupling (M2015) "Hanatsu" released in 2 was used as the theme song for the "98th National High School Rugby Tournament."

In March 2019, the cover live "SUKIMA SWITCH THE PLAYLIST vol.3" will be held at 2 locations in 5 cities nationwide.
In July, he released his 7th single "Youth".
"Youth" will be used as a tie-up song for Accuview, "Tokyo" will be used as the opening theme for TV Tokyo "Tokyo Crossing", and M-2 will be used as the CM song for cover Miyuki Nakajima "Ito" Toyota Home.
In August, the movie version "Ossans Love LOVE or DEAD" was released and the theme song "Revival" was appointed, and a limited-time digital distribution "Revival -Ossans Love Edition-" was released.
From October, the national tour "Sukimaswitch TOUR 10-2019 POPMAN'S CARNIVAL vol.2020" was held (2 performances nationwide).
In December, a CD with goods for the tour & mail order limited "Christmas is coming ~ Christmas Edition ~" will be released.
61st Shining!"Youth" was awarded as an arrangement award at the Japan Record Awards.
The single "LINE" coupling (M2015) "Hanatsu" released in 2 was used as the theme song for the "99th National High School Rugby Tournament."

From January to February 2020, the national tour "Sukimaswitch TOUR 1-2 POPMAN'S CARNIVAL vol.2019" will continue to be held.
Chiakiraku February 2, Kumamoto performance, the tour was postponed due to the countermeasures against the new coronavirus infection, but suddenly a live stream without audience was carried out.
Released all singles (2 sheets) 9 inch analog from February to September.
In April, the digital distribution "Zenryoku Syoun Remastered" was released to commemorate the appointment of "Zenryoku Syoun" in the Japanese version of the Disney & Pixar movie "Onward Magic".
The movie was released in theaters on August 8 due to the influence of the new coronavirus.
Due to the new coronavirus, it became difficult to live with spectators, so we held a paid live distribution live "Skima Switch Streaming LIVE" a la carte 2020 "~ I actually tried it! ~".
In August, the selection album "Sukimanohanataba ~ Smile Song Selection ~" was released.
A national tour "Sukima Switch TOUR 12-2020 Smoothie" will be held from December (2021 performances nationwide).
The single "LINE" coupling (M2015) "Hanatsu" released in 2 was used as the theme song for the "100th National High School Rugby Tournament."

In 2021, the national tour "Sukima Switch TOUR 2020-2021 Smoothie" will continue to be held.
"Sukimaswitch TOUR 2019-2020 POPMAN'S CARNIVAL vol.2", which had been postponed due to the new coronavirus, will be held in Kumamoto on February 2st as a hybrid.
In March, the song "Switch!", Which was newly written by Tokai TV's information program "Switch!", Started airing.
In April, a single song "Barking!" Written for the TV Asahi-affiliated "Animal Elegy" program was released.
From May, "Let's try this hen of Sukima Switch" will be released on the YouTube channel.
In June, a single song "Akane (Instrumental)" was released as a BGM for the "Weather Corner" of the TV Asahi-affiliated information program "Super J Channel".
In November, the original concept albums "Hot Milk" and "Bitter Coffee" were released for the first time in about three and a half years.
In December, at the "Sukima Switch" Soundtrack "" Nippon Budokan performance, a live performance was held in which many Sukima Switch songs supported the story written only for the performance with the expression "manga".

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Takuya Ohashi
(Ohashi Takuya)
Born May 1978, 5 / AB type
Born in Tokai City, Aichi Prefecture
Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

From early childhood, he came into contact with classical music and started learning piano from elementary school. I learned about the Beatles' Yesterday by listening to the music on hold at my friend's house, and when I was in elementary and junior high school, I walked with the Beatles.

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From early childhood, he came into contact with classical music and started learning piano from elementary school. I learned about the Beatles' Yesterday by listening to the music on hold at my friend's house, and when I was in elementary and junior high school, I walked with the Beatles.

After graduating from high school, he moved to Tokyo and formed a band, but disappeared naturally. After that, in order to write the song by himself, I asked Tokita, a local acquaintance who was also in Tokyo, to arrange and record. This triggered the formation of the gap switch.

In July 2003, made a major debut with the single "view".

In 2008, started solo activities in parallel with the activities of Sukima Switch. Released 3 singles and 1 album under the solo name. In the autumn of the same year, as a compilation of solo works, we performed live house tours of 9 performances at 18 locations nationwide and special performances at Osaka Castle Hall & Nippon Budokan. A live DVD containing the live performance will be released in March this year.

In 2009, the activities of Sukima Switch, which has grown further as an artist through solo activities, started!

Takuya Ohashi WORKS

Participated in Spitz's new single "Gunsei" as a backing vocal (2007.8.1) "Tomorrow Hallelujah!" 
Mayo Okamoto x Takuya Ohashi (from Sukima Switch) [Mayo Okamoto original album "seasons" recording songs] (2008.10.29)
Participated in the songwriting and composition of M42.Runway for the 60th anniversary work "Connected: Connected" on the 3nd anniversary of Chu Kosaka's debut (2009.3.18)
Provided the song "Start Line" on the bonus CD of the V6 single "Spirit" (2009.6.17)
Participated in "Katamari TRIBUTE" game music (2009.7.23)
Participated as a guest vocalist in Fairlife's 3rd album "Michikusabiyori" song "by bike feat. Takuya Ohashi from Sukima Switch" (2010.2.3)
Kana Uemura participated in the chorus of the song "Kiseki with Takuya Ohashi" from her new album "Hana-My Favorite Things-" (September 2010.9.15, XNUMX)
FM802 2011 ACCESS Campaign Song: "Spring Sei" <Produce = Drunk Brothers (Mummy-D + Takuya Ohashi)> <RADIO BLOSSOMS> Mummy-D (RHYMESTER) / Takuya Ohashi (Sukima Switch) / Yu Takahashi / TARO SOUL / Chara / Dochin Yoshikuni (CHEMISTRY) / PES (RIP SLYME) / Hitomi Yaida  
In charge of voice actor for Johnny, a gorilla in the animated movie "SING" (released on March 2017.3.17, XNUMX)

Shintaro Tokita
(Tokita Shintaro)
Born February 1978, 2 / O type
Born in Midori Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
Piano, Chorus, Organ, Other instruments and total sound treatment

After waking up to music with a band formed at a high school culture festival, after graduating, he joined many bands as a keyboard. Experience the arrangement of various songs while also performing indie recording engineer. At the same time, he continued to make original songs, and formed a sukima switch when he met Takuya Ohashi.

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In parallel with the unit activities, he is engaged in activities on his own label "doppietta" (established February 2006.2.28, XNUMX), arranges music for artists, and produces work.

In 2008, he made his first attempt at the movie music that he had longed for in the movie "Dive !!" I was in charge of the whole soundtrack.

"Doppietta" release work

Softelo 1st mini-album "It's Definitely Unique" (2006.10.4) Total Produce

Softelo 2nd mini album "Don't cry" (2008.7.2) Total Produce

Shintaro Tokita WORKS

Chitose Hajime single "KataRitsuguto" (2005.11.23) Arranged and produced,
Takako Matsu single "Akari no Tomoru Tomoru" (2006.3.22) Arranged and produced,
HOME MADE Family album "FAMILIA" song "FLAVA FLAVA with Shintaro Tokita from Skima Switch" (2007.3.14)
Arranged by Kyohei Tsutsumi tribute album "the popular music" song "Cotton Handkerchief" (2007.7.11)
Arrangement, Stainless Steel Album "Palletta" (2008.2.6) Arrangement Produce,
Kiji ☆ Muna Produced the song "Arigatou no Uta" (2008.5.21) from the mini album "Arigatou no Uta".
Tokyo 60WATTS single "Occasionally such a love song" (2008.5.21) Arranged and produced,
song "Birthday Song feat. Shintaro Tokita (from Sukima Switch)" from mihimaru GT album "mihimarise" (May 2008.5.28, XNUMX)
Demonstration, Chitose Hajime single "Hotaruboshi" (2008.7.2) Lyrics, composition, arrangement, production,
Gospellers single "Lorelei" c / w song "Bird Men" (2008.7.9) Lyrics and arrangement,
FM802 Every Saturday 22: 00-23: 00 "SUNTRY The Diary Of ..." theme song (2008.8. ~),
England Premier League broadcast program (2008.8.9), J sports Plus theme song (2008.8.16 ~),
Kyogo Kawaguchi's single "Tadaima" c / w song "Kimi Jiyoshi Hi" (September 2008.9.17, XNUMX) Lyrics (co-written), composition (co-written), arrangement, demonstration, production,
Fumiya Fujii Album "F's KITCHEN" song "Muskari no Hana" (2008.10.8) Lyrics, arrangement, demonstration,
Produced by the song "Don't say goodbye" (2008.11.12) from the Kijimuna mini album "kijimuna ★ color".
Kyogo Kawaguchi's single "Mirai Proposal feat. Shintaro Tokita (from Skima Switch)" (2008.11.5) Lyrics (co-written), composition (co-written), arrangement, demonstration, production,
Kyogo Kawaguchi Album "HORIZONT meets Shintaro Tokita" (2008.11.26) Lyrics (co-written), composition (co-written), arrangement, demonstration, production,
The Gospellers vs Shintaro Tokita (from Sukima Switch) Double title single "Sky High / Septenova" (2008.11.12) "Septenova" lyrics (co-written), arranged and produced,
Ikimonogakari 3rd album "My song Your song" recording song "Phantom" (2008.12.24) Arranged and produced,
Ayaka Double A-side Single "Dream on your side / Koi Kogarete Mitsumu Yume" recorded song "Koi Kogarete Mita Yume" (2009.4.22) Arranged and produced,
Produced by HIMEKA Debut Single "Kizuna to Tomorrow" (2009.5.27),
Bookmark single "Our Sea / Two Promises" (2009.6.17) Sound produced by both songs,
Kayoko Mine 1st Single "Himawari Station" (2009.6.24) Sound Produce,
Aya Ueto Album "Happy Magic-Smile Project-" (2009.7.15) Lyrics and composition of the song "Fairy of the Right Chest"
RYTHEM single "Gyutto feat. Shintaro Tokita (from Skima Switch)" song "Gyutto feat. Shintaro Tokita (from Skima Switch)" (2009.7.29)
In charge of the image song "REGI-EARTH" for the CS broadcast Nittele G + South American Soccer Libertadores Cup (2010)
Sou Matsumoto (GOING UNDER GROUND) Produced and co-wrote the song "2030" from the mini album "Sou Matsumoto" (2010.3.17)
Participated in Naoto Inti Raymi Debut Single "Carnival?" With lyrics (2010.4.7)
In charge of orchestra arrangement for "NORIYUKI MAKIHARA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CONCERT" cELEBRATION 2010 "~ Sing Out Gleefully! ~ Supported by BEAMS" (2010.10)
In charge of songwriting for Hatsune single "Tsuyogari Soleil" (2010.11.24)
Participated in Tomoyuki Nagasawa Single "Kasumisou" co-produced (2012.1.25) and more ...