Sukima Switch's new song "up !!!!!!" will be on air for the first time in the 2022 CM series "I Am A Boat Racer"!

It started on air from June 6th today
Sukima Switch's new song "up !!!!!!" has been appointed as an image song for the latest episode 2022 "I am Garikoshi Hen" of the 7 CM series "I Am A Boat Racer".

In the commercial, gorgeous faces such as Shido Nakamura, Fuju Kamio, Anna Tsuchiya, Yuriyan Retriever, Haruka Imou, and Mitsuru Fukikoshi will appear.
An up-tempo song with an uplifting feeling, written as a new image song after the 7th episode, adds flowers to the commercial.

■ "I Am A Boat Racer" Episode XNUMX "I am Garikoshi" (XNUMX episodes in total) (30 seconds) (60 seconds)

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