Motohiro Hata x Sukima Switch "Winter is about to come!" COMPLETE SET will be on sale as the first FC collaboration product!

Motohiro Hata x Sukima Switch "Winter is about to come!" From Office Augusta's collaboration album "Augusta HAND x HAND" released in 2020.
A phantom 23-minute MV that was in storage, an off-shot until "Winter is about to come!" Is completed.
A hearty Blu-ray including the newly recorded 2021 version "Kotatsu Talk !!".
And a gorgeous COMPLETE SET with the original specifications (with FC embroidery logo emblem) of "Hanten" which was also a symbol of "Winter is about to come!"!
Motohiro Hata's FC "Home Ground" and Sukima Switch's FC "DELUXE" will be sold as the first limited-edition FC products in a hurry!

"Hanten" will deliver one of the three types of plaids: pink, yellow, and blue. (You cannot choose the color. Thank you for your understanding.)

☆ As a bonus, a special live photo (A5 size) of that HIP HOP unit will be included ☆

Click here for details and application:

■ "Winter is about to come!" Music Video -Full Ver.-
■ Making of "Winter is about to come!"
■ 2021 new record Kotatsu talk! !!

<About delivery>
● This item will be shipped sequentially from around 12/21 (Tuesday).
<Notes on products>
● Hanten comes with one random item out of all three colors [red / yellow / blue].
● Please note that you cannot choose the color of Hanten.