[Official] # 120 “Sukima Switch Flame XNUMXth Game” (First manager, Ken Higuchi <Part XNUMX>) Let’s try this strange switch

New project commemorating the 20th anniversary of debut! !
Ask the people involved, ``How was the 20 years of Sukima! ?Let's listen to that hen! 』

The plan to look back on the 20 years of Sukima Switch, which we know only because we are involved, has suddenly changed the plan and delivered "Sukima Switch Flame XNUMXth Game" is finally the final episode.
Together with Ken Higuchi, the first manager who discovered the gap switch, what is the final result of returning to the beginning and competing? !

▼ “Sukima Switch Flame XNUMXth Game” (First manager Ken Higuchi <Part XNUMX>)