Cover photo of "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-" released! ! !

The jacket photo of SUKIMASWITCH 7th Anniversary BEST "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-" to be released on Wednesday, July 5 has been released! !

SUKIMASWITCH 20th Anniversary BEST "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-"
2023 years 7 month 5 Date (water) Release
DELUXE version (fan club limited) [3CD+2BD] PROS-1928 14,960 yen including tax (13,600 yen excluding tax)
* Special BOX specification, multi-case (3CD), 2 digipak cases (each containing 1BD)
*Completely made-to-order.Reservations are being accepted at the official fan club "DELUXE" until 2023:5 on Sunday, May 21, 23. (

First Press Limited Edition [3CD+1BD] UMCA-19069 7,480 yen including tax (6,800 yen excluding tax)
* Three-sided sleeve case specification, multi-case (3CD), digipak (1BD)

■Regular edition [3CD] UMCA-10094/6 3,850 yen including tax (3,500 yen excluding tax)
*Multi case (3CD)

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