[Official] Let's listen to this weirdness of Sukima Switch Special Edition-Compare listening to "up!!!!!!" and "up!!!!!! feat. Rouno"-<Digest> released!

In the previous "Let's listen to this strange" project, we have compared the original sound source (CD) and the rearrangement at the live, but this time it is a special edition! !
Listen and compare Sukima Switch's latest song "up!!!!!!" and another version of it, "up!!!!!! feat. To go!
We welcome the cutting-edge sound producer Rouno, who arranged this time, as a guest, and thoroughly dissect the song with a little maniac commentary by themselves! !
A digest that summarizes <Part XNUMX> and <Part XNUMX> has been released!

▼Let's listen to this strange special edition ~Compare listening to "up!!!!!!" and "up!!!!!! feat. Rouno"~ <Digest>