"Augusta Camp 2022 ~ Office Augusta 30th Anniversary ~" will be held! !!

It has been decided that the outdoor event will be held for the first time in three years with an audience, and the full-length live concert will be held at the same time.
It will be the first time in seven years since 2015 that the Yokohama Red Brick Park outdoor special stage will be held, so please enjoy it at the venue!
This year, the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Office Augusta,
Called "Augusta Camp 2022 ~ Office Augusta 30th Anniversary ~"
In addition to the debut songs of the performing artists, we are looking for songs requested by fans to "want to see / listen".
We will use it as a reference for the production, so please join us!

Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sukima Switch, Motohiro Hata's official fan clubs,
At the fan community "Augusta Crew" of Mobile Augusta and Office Augusta
Advance reception of venue viewing tickets has started.
(From June 6th (Friday) 10:18 to July 00th (Sunday) 7:10)

Even if you join within the period, you can apply for the ticket in advance.
Don't miss this opportunity to get your tickets as soon as possible!

■ Performance name: "Augusta Camp 2022 ~ Office Augusta 30th Anniversary ~"
■ Date: September 2022, 9 (Sun)
■ Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Park Special Stage
■ OPEN / START: OPEN12: 00 / START 14:00 / End 20:00 (planned)
■ Cast
Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL), Yuko Araki, Chitose Hajime, Sukima Switch, Tomoyuki Nagasawa, Motohiro Hata,
Yu Sakai, Yohei Hamabata, Takehara Pistol, Seiya Matsumuro
Opening Act: ReiRay (scheduled to appear around 13:30)

■ Augusta Camp 2022 Nice Band
Guitar / Shinichiro Fukuda, Bass / Takeshi Taneda, Keyboard / Kiyohide Ura, Percussion / Yuko Takahashi,
Drums / Yuko Araki / Takumi Ogasawara

[Augusta Camp 2022 Event Information] [Fan Club Advance Reception Information] [Music Request]
Check the special official site for details such as!

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