Live Blu-ray "Sukima Switch" Soundtrack "THE MOVIE" will be released on June 6th!

One-night special live "Sukima Switch" Soundtrack "" held at Nippon Budokan on December 2021, 12 (Wednesday)
As "a novel stage that has never been seen before, with a story written just for this day and the music of Sukima Switch"
A fusion of a cartoonized version of the original story written by writer / essayist Nami Kishida and a live music created as a "Soundtrack" that complements the story.
This time, the epoch-making performance that integrates the manga and the live is completely visualized by introducing a multi-angle that can be enjoyed by switching between the entire stage, live performance, and manga video.

The fan club board (limited production) includes a CD containing live sound sources, a special booklet that incorporates live photographs and round-table talk interviews with members and story author Nami Kishida telling the secret story of the production, as well as manga. Comes with an acrylic stand with a panel of newly written illustrations where the characters and members of the manga meet together.

◆ Live Blu-ray “Sukima Switch“ Soundtrack ”THE MOVIE” CD Shop Benefits ◆【Update 4/29】
The following CD shops offer special benefits to those who purchase "Sukima Switch" Soundtrack "THE MOVIE" on a first-come, first-served basis.
★        Visual sheet (using live photos / 27.5 x 19.5 cm)
* The visual sheet of the product design has been changed to a visual sheet.

★ Rakuten Books product picture stickers(85mm×60mm) 

Reservations can also be made at the "Sukima Switch TOUR 2022" café au lait "" venue (DELUXE version is not applicable).
<Tour schedule included / original book cover (BXNUMX size)> will be presented to those who make reservations / purchases!
Please contact the CD sales staff for details.

The number of benefits is limited.
We recommend that you make an early reservation after confirming the availability of benefits in advance.

[RELEASE Information]
■ Live Blu-ray "Sukima Switch" Soundtrack "THE MOVIE"
2022 years 6 month 8 Date (water) Release

[Reservation period: 3/23 (Wednesday) 18:00 to 4/12 (Tuesday) 23:59] Limited production only for reservations made within the period.
■ Product number: PDXA-1906 Price ¥ 12,100 (tax included) * Three-sided case specification
[1Blu-ray] Live main part (multi-angle specification)
[2CD] Live sound source (16 songs in total)
[Booklet] A special booklet (scheduled for 64p) consisting of an interview manuscript (a roundtable discussion with members, the original author Nami Kishida, etc.) and live photos.
[Goods] Illustration acrylic panel drawn

-The newly written illustration of the acrylic panel that comes with the DELUXE edition (FC limited edition) has been released!

This is a newly written illustration for this Acry panel where everyone who appeared in the manga and Sukima Switch meet together.
Reservations for the DELUXE version will be limited to those reserved by 4:12 on 23/59 (Tuesday).



<Regular Edition>

■ Product number: UMXA-10059 Price ¥ 7,480 (tax included)
[1Blu-ray] Live main part (multi-angle specification)

<Recorded songs>
[BD] Common to DELUXE and regular discs
M0. ~ Prologue ~
M1. Miraika
M2. 1017 bar love song
M3. Last scene
M4. Tsukimigaoka
M5. Iroha
M6. Ice cream syndrome
M7. Mr. Kite
M8. Youth
M9. Ai
M10. The best boy
M11. Sound of
M12. Eureka
M13. Parabolover
M14. Kanade
M15. Miraika for Anniversary

[2CD] DELUXE board only
M1. ~ Prologue ~
M2. Miraika
M3. 1017 bar love song
M4. Last scene
M5. Tsukimigaoka
M6. Iroha
M7. Ice cream syndrome
M8. Mr. Kite
M9. Youth

M1. Ai
M2. The best boy
M3. Sound of
M4. Eureka
M5. Parabolover
M6. Kanade
M7. Miraika for Anniversary

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