March 2022, 3 (Friday) Sukima Switch TOUR4 café au lait Information for visitors to the Chiba Prefectural Cultural Hall

<Information and precautions for admission>
Please be sure to check the following information and precautions before visiting this performance.

・ This tour will be held by selling the maximum number of tickets that can be accommodated in consultation with the venue and the local government.In addition, as a result of consultation with the venue and the organizer, standing viewing in front of your own seat will be possible.Please enjoy the live performance by all means.However, some seats are prohibited from standing viewing due to the "risk of falling" due to the rules of the venue. (Example: 2nd floor seats, front row of 3rd floor seats, etc.)
・ Please refrain from cheering and singing other than applause during the performance.
・ Please refrain from talking in the venue as much as possible. ,
・ Tickets will not be refunded unless the performance is postponed, canceled, or unattended.
Those who fall under the items listed below will not be admitted on the day of the event.
① Those who have traveled abroad and cannot prove negative within 2 weeks before the performance
(37.5) Those who have a fever of XNUMX ° C or higher, those who are ingesting alcoholic beverages, or those who have symptoms such as cough, dullness, runny nose, headache, vomiting, and dysgeusia.
③ Those who are suspected of being infected by their family members
④ Those who cannot keep personal information
⑤ Those who received a positive test for the new coronavirus within 14 days before the performance date
⑥ Those who have close contact with those who received a positive test for the new coronavirus within 14 days before the performance date
・ If you have an underlying disease (hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, cancer, etc.) or are pregnant, please make a careful decision by referring to the information of related organizations.
・ No loud voices will be allowed inside the venue, and masks will be strictly adhered to.Please bring your own mask.We will refuse admission to those who are not wearing masks.
・ Ventilation is provided in the venue as appropriate.There may be a sudden change in temperature.
・ At the time of entry and exit, we will measure the temperature and disinfect the fingers.
・ When you enter the venue, please wash your hands diligently and disinfect your hands with alcohol disinfectants installed in various places.
・ Please be sure to keep your seat position for one month from the date of the event.
・ Please cooperate in the registration of the new coronavirus contact confirmation app (COCOA) recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
・ If you find someone who is not feeling well or who seems to be in such a situation, we will ask the staff or the staff will speak to you.
・ Please note that no refund will be given if you do not follow the above precautions and refuse admission.

In the future, countermeasure information and performance information may be updated under the guidance of government agencies, so please check the official website.

We ask for the understanding and cooperation of each and every one of us in order to prevent infection and spread.

Office augusta

Organizer / Inquiry SOGO TOKYO

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