[Official] "Let's listen to this hen of Sukima Switch" latest story released!The third is a rearrangement of "Akatsuki no Uta"!

[Official] "Akatsuki no Uta" ~ Rearrange ~ Let's listen to this hen of Sukima Switch # 3

This project is a comparison of listening to the original sound source (CD) and the rearrangement.
A rearranged song that can only be seen live at Sukima Switch (!?).
Introducing the difference between the original sound source (CD) with a brief personal commentary!
I would love to hear and compare them and listen to more rearrangements!If you think, please come to the tour!

What is rearrangement? ]
A different sound arrangement with arrangements added to the original sound source.

▼ "Sukima Switch TOUR 2022" caf au lait "" will be held from February 2022, 2!
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From "Akatsuki no Uta" rearrangement "Sukima Switch TOUR 2020-2021" Smoothie ""
Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),

From "Akatsuki no Uta" original sound source "Yukaze Brend"
Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC),

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