Sukima Switch "But my beloved life" is decided as the ending theme song for TV TOKYO drama 25 "Tetsu Ota Michiko, 2 km"!

Start on January 2022, 1 (every Friday from 7:0 to 52:1) TV TOKYO drama 23 "Tetsu Ota Michiko, 25 km"
Set in a "local station" that somehow exists in the mountains, cliffs between tunnels, and places where it is unlikely that there are users.
An omnibus-style travel drama where you can find your true self while enjoying the scenery and exquisite gourmet food that you meet in various places.

▼ Program overview
[Program name] Drama 25 "Tetsu Ota Michiko, 2 km"
[Broadcast date and time] Starts January 2022, 1 Every Friday from 7:0 to 52:1 midnight
[Broadcasting station] TV TOKYO TV Osaka TV Aichi TV Hokkaido TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting 
[Cast] Tina Tamashiro Louis Kurihara Seiji Rokkaku
[Ending theme] Sukima Switch "But my beloved life"

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