Released on 11/24 Sukima Switch "Hot Milk" & "Bitter Coffee" DELUXE (FC limited) board included Sukima Switch Moshi Coaster Regarding non-defective products of misprinted products

Sukima Switch Concept Original Album released on November 11th (Wednesday)
Included with "Hot Milk" & "Bitter Coffee" DELUXE (FC Limited) Edition
Sukima Switch We will inform you about how to deal with non-defective products in case of a mistake in the description of a part of the coaster's phone number.
If you have a coaster and want a good product with the correct phone number, please fill in the necessary items from the registration form below and send it. give me.
As soon as we can confirm it, we will ship the coaster from Universal Music at any time.
Good products will be shipped in sequence, and delivery is scheduled to be completed by the end of January 2022.
The deadline for the registration form is January 2022, 1 (Sat) 15:23.

* Please apply by the person who placed the order.
* Please enter the orderer's information in the product purchaser information.
* Please enter the quantity of defective products at once for each order number.If you enter more than the number of purchases, we will send you the number of purchases.
* You can specify one delivery address for each order number as the delivery address for non-defective products.We cannot accept multiple delivery address specifications.Please note.
* There will be no email notification of the completion of shipping.
In addition, the serial code you currently have can be used as it is.
Please note that the serial code is not printed on the coaster of the good product that arrived.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers.
We will do our utmost to prevent this from happening in the future, and we appreciate your kind understanding.

[Good product request registration form]
Registration deadline: Until 2022:1 on Saturday, January 15, 23

Release date: Wednesday, March 2021, 11
Artist: Sukima Switch
Title: "Hot Milk" & "Bitter Coffee" DELUXE (FC Limited) Edition
Product number: PDCA-1911

Target: Moshi Moshi Coaster (out of 5 random types) Shintaro Tokita and the version described
・ Shintaro Tokita
◆ Register 050-3033-3637 in the mobile phone book under the name of "Shintaro Tokita"
◆ CALL 050-3033-3637!

・ Shintaro Tokita
◆ Register 050-3033-3677 in the mobile phone book under the name of "Shintaro Tokita"
◆ CALL 050-3033-3677!

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