12/3 (Fri) 20: 00- Sukima Switch "Hot Milk" & "Bitter Coffee" listening party decided!Members also appear in chat!

A Listening Party will be held to commemorate the release of the concept original albums "Hot Milk" & "Bitter Coffee"!
Members will also appear in the chat on the day, so please join us!

▼ Date and time
December 2021, 12 (Friday) 3: 20-

▼ Listening party URL

Before you participate, please be sure to check the following [(XNUMX) How to participate on the day] and [(XNUMX) Precautions].
[(XNUMX) How to participate on the day]
Please check the URL below for how to participate in Spotify and Apple users (video guide).

[② Precautions]
* If the song stops or an error is displayed, please reload the page and log in again.
* Images and videos cannot be posted in chat.
* For Spotify free users, the playback order of the songs may be different from everyone else because the player is not synchronized with the playback of the listening party.note that.
* If you play a song other than this listening party on the Spotify app, the song playback will be out of sync.If you want to sync again, reload the listening party page and log in.

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