Win 11 benefits by lottery! CD inclusion benefits for "Hot Milk" and "Bitter Coffee" released on November 24th (Wednesday)!

◆ Sukima Switch TOUR2022 "café au lait" CD purchaser special advance lottery reservation information

We will make a tour advance lottery reservation for those who purchase "Hot Milk" and "Bitter Coffee"!
For details, please check the flyer enclosed in the first press of "Hot Milk" and "Bitter Coffee".

◆ Information on "Hot Milk" and "Bitter Coffee" release commemorative application lottery campaign [2nd]

Details of the application lottery campaign have been decided.
Attach the <beard application ticket> enclosed in the first press of "Hot Milk" and "Bitter Coffee" to the postcard.
A lottery will be given to those who applied!

With one application ticket, you have the chance to win one of the three prizes.

① <Hot Award>
"Sukima Switch TOUR 2022" café au lait "" Invitation to the beard sheet installed in the following performances!
We will invite you to the performance of your choice below.1 pair for 2 people at each venue (10 performances, 20 people in total)
In addition to the invitation beard pass, you can see it with a beard sheet with souvenirs such as a clear file and a beard mask.

A… 2/13 (Sun) Mie Prefectural Cultural Center Large Hall
B… 2/23 (Wednesday / holiday) Kanagawa Kenmin Hall
C… 3/4 (Friday) Chiba Cultural Center Large Hall
D… 3/26 (Sat) Matsuyama Civic Center Large Hall
E… 4/17 (Sun) Shiga Prefectural Arts Theater Biwako Hall Large Hall
F… 5/1 (Sun) Sapporo Cultural Arts Theater hitaru
G… 5/18 (Wednesday) Kobe International House Kokusai Hall
H… 6/5 (Sun) Iwate Prefectural Civic Center Large Hall
I… 6/25 (Sat) Joetsu Cultural Hall Large Hall
J… 7/3 (Sun) Medikit Prefectural Cultural Center (Miyazaki Prefectural Arts Theater)

・ The winners will be responsible for all expenses such as transportation and accommodation to the venue.
・ Up to 1 preschooler can view above the knee per adult.However, please be careful not to bother others.

② <Bitter Award>
"Sukima Switch TOUR 2022" café au lait "" will be held on February 2 (Wednesday / holiday) after the performance at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall!
Invite to Online Beard Meet & Greet.

・ We plan to take about 1 minutes per group.
・ We are planning an online talk using Zoom. You can participate on your PC or smartphone.Please check the operation by yourself in advance.
・ Up to one winner and one accompanying person can participate on the same screen.If more than the specified number of people appear on the screen, it will end immediately.
・ You can bring your own goods, but please be careful not to reflect your personal information.
・ Recording is strictly prohibited.
・ When the meeting time (scheduled after 20:XNUMX) comes, after entering the Zoom waiting room, the staff will check the connection status.
We will connect to the screens that the members are waiting for.Please enjoy the free talk by the members and the winners.As soon as there is a notice of the end, each person will leave.
・ Depending on the internet connection on the day of the event, you may have to wait for a while.Please note.
・ If a person who comes to the performance on the day is elected, they may be asked to participate in the communication environment of the venue staff after the performance.

The person in charge will explain the details to the winners.

③ <Sukima Switch Award>
Autographed "Hot Milk" & "Bitter Coffee" poster for 50 people

* A common application ticket is included for the "Hot Milk" first limited edition and regular edition first press, and for the "Bitter Coffee" first limited edition and regular edition first press.
One application ticket allows you to apply for one unit, and each person can apply for as many units as they like.
* Application tickets are included in each of the "Hot Milk" and "Bitter Coffee" stored in the DELUXE board, so a total of 2 tickets will be included.
* Due to corporate policy, personal information of persons under the age of 13 cannot be kept.Parents are requested to apply.

[Campaign application deadline] Must arrive on Wednesday, December 2021, 12
[Winner Announcement]
<Hot Award> <Bitter Award>: Scheduled for early January 2022 The person in charge will contact you.
<Skima Award> We will replace it when the prize is shipped.

The <beard application ticket> will be "included only for the first press", so make a reservation as soon as possible!
For details on how to apply and other details, please see the product inclusion guide.

For details, please visit the special website

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