Live delivery of members' participation will be decided before the release of the new song "Over Driver" MV premiere on October 10 (Monday)!Details of the LINE MUSIC playback campaign and Spotify share campaign for the same song that will be distributed at the same time!

Two members appeared in the live distribution of YouTube Live from 20:45 before the release of the new song "Over Driver" Music Video,
While talking about the secret story of the production of "Over Driver" and the highlights of the MV of this work, it will be a valuable live distribution that will reach the moment of release of Music Video with fans.
We look forward to your participation in the premiere release!

■ Sukima Switch "Over Driver" MV premiere live delivery just before release! * Distribution starts from 10:25 on 20/45 (Monday)

In commemoration of the delivery of the new song "Over Driver", details of the playback campaign on LINE MUSIC have also been announced!

All those who have played "Over Driver" on LINE MUSIC more than 100 times during the period will receive an "autographed image" as a gift!
As a premium benefit, the top 200 people who have played the most times will also receive the right to participate in the "preceding album online viewing event" scheduled to be held online on Saturday, November 11th!
This viewing event will be distributed on YouTube Live, and members of Sukima Switch will also participate, and while directly communicating the charm of the two albums, it will be a premium viewing event where you can listen to the recorded songs for the first time in Japan!

In addition, the "OverDriver" Spotify Canvas share campaign will also be held!
Here, "OverDriver" will be played on Spotify during the period, shared to Instagram Stories, and "signed images" will be presented to all those who applied for screenshot images!

Please check the details below.

■ Sukima Switch "Over Driver" LINE MUSIC playback campaign

■ Sukima Switch "Over Driver" Spotify Canvas Share Campaign

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