"Augusta Camp 2021" will be held!

Last year, Augusta Camp was held online for the first time and was delivered in a new form.
This year's Augusta Camp will be held at the same time for viewing and distribution at the venue!
The venue is the Yokohama Red Brick Park outdoor special stage for the first time in 2015 years since 6.

Simultaneous viewing and distribution of the entire movie is the first attempt in Augusta Camp history.
2021 will be the 15th anniversary year of Tomoyuki Nagasawa and Motohiro Hata's debut.
Also pay attention to how the spotlight hits these two people!

We hope that both those who watch at the venue and those who watch by distribution will have a good time.
All the artists and staff will work together to prepare.
We hope that you can enjoy viewing and distribution in each form.

Please look forward to new challenges in the 23rd year!

[Augusta Camp 2021 event information]
■ Performance name: Augusta Camp 2021
■ Date and time: Saturday, September 2021, 9 OPEN 25:12 / START 00:14
■ Venue: Yokohama Red Brick Park Outdoor Special Stage
■ Performers: Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sadayoshi Okamoto (COIL), Yuko Araki, Chitose Hajime, Sukima Switch,
Tomoyuki Nagasawa, Motohiro Hata, Yu Sakai, Yohei Hamabata, Takehara Pistol, Seiya Matsumuro
■ Ticket price: All seats reserved ¥ 9,000 (tax included)
* Tickets are required for elementary school students and above.
* Please allow preschoolers to enter within the seating area of ​​the accompanying guardian so as not to inconvenience other guests.

■ Number limit: Up to 4 per person
* Acquired companion information

■ FC precedent: 7/3 (Sat) 18:00 to 7/25 (Sun) 23:59
Kyoko Official Fan Club "Kyoko Tsubaki"
Masayoshi Yamazaki Official Fan Club "BOOGIE HOUSE"
Sukima Switch Official Fan Club "DELUXE"
Motohiro Hata Official Fan Club "Home Ground"
Augusta Mobile
Augusta Crew
* If you enroll within the period, you can apply for the ticket in advance.
* Fan club / mobile / Augusta Crew ticket advance is only available for visit tickets
* When purchasing a ticket, please read the notes on the event official website carefully and agree to it before purchasing.

■ Inquiries: SOGO Sogo Tokyo 03-3405-9999

* Details such as distribution platform and distribution ticket price will be announced at a later date.

Event Official website:

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