About "Sukimaswitch TOUR 2019-2020 POPMAN'S CARNIVAL vol.2" transfer performance

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Sukimaswitch TOUR2019-2020 POPMAN'S CARNIVAL vol.2 We have important information about the transfer performance.
The transfer performances of Toyohashi and Kumamoto, which were postponed to February 2021 in view of the basic policy for measures against new coronavirus infections and the current spread of infection, are not expected to ease the restrictions on the number of guests Among them, the members and staff have been considering how to realize the performance.
We apologize for the inconvenience and inconvenience caused to our customers, but we have decided to change the performance to the following and hold the performance again.

■ 2/11 (Thursday) Ai Plaza Toyohashi Performance
We are currently informing you of the re-transfer performance. February 2021, 2 (Thursday / holiday) Ai Plaza Toyohashi * December 11, 2019 → April 12, 17, but now In response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we have made adjustments at various places to hold the event with the capacity of theaters, etc. in accordance with the guidelines requested by the government and local governments. At present, it is extremely difficult to welcome all the customers who are waiting for your visit.
Based on these things, as a result of repeated discussions between the staff and members, it will be a further change from the original schedule, but we added February 2 (Wednesday) the day before 10 It was concluded that the event will be held on a daily basis.
However, it is physically difficult to sort out all the customers who are currently planning to visit the venue in the current situation, and above all, the intentions of each customer and their intentions. We apologize for the concern that there may be a significant lack of equality, including convenience, but we will refund all the tickets you have and then release them again. I would like to take the form.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we apologize for the inconvenience, after confirming the details described below.
First of all, please complete the refund procedure within the deadline.

February 2021, 2 (Wednesday) Ai Plaza Toyohashi
Doors open 18: 00 / Starts 19:00

February 2021, 2 (Thursday / holiday) Ai Plaza Toyohashi
Open 17:30 / Start 18:30

* Both of the above two performances are scheduled to be released to the general public on Saturday, January 2, 2021.

★ DELUXE members will be pre-registered before the general release.
The schedule will be announced later.

[Ticket Refund Information]
■ Reception period: October 2020, 10 (Monday) 12:10 to November 00, 11 (Monday) 30:23
Please refund with the ticket agency you purchased.
No refunds will be given for lost or destroyed tickets or tickets without stubs.
Please note that refunds will not be given after the acceptance period has passed.

[Customers who purchased tickets through the play guide]
◆FC DELUXE advance reception, Sukima Switch HP advance reception, customers who purchased at eplus
・If you receive Seven-Eleven/Family Mart, please perform the refund procedure at the store where you received it.
・If you wish to receive the delivery, please send the ticket to e-plus by special recording mail.
・Please check the chart below for details.

Refund method confirmation chart

■ Contact E-plus:

◆Customers who purchased with Lawson Ticket
If you purchase at Lawson within the refund period, please bring your ticket to Lawson if you purchase at Lawson, or if you purchase at Ministop, please make a refund procedure from Loppi.
*Please note that you will not be able to complete the refund procedure once the refund period has expired.
*Please note that no refund will be given if the ticket or various commission tickets are lost or destroyed.

◆ Refund details site

■ Contact Lawson Ticket:
◆Customers who purchased at Ticket Pia
The refund method depends on the ticket receiving method and payment method.
Please check the refund method from the URL below.

■ Contact Ticket Pia:

[Customers who purchased at iPlaza Toyohashi]
Refunds will be available at the hall window (10: 20-11: 30) from October 10th (Tuesday) to November 00th (Monday).

■ Inquiries Ai Plaza Toyohashi
TEL: 0532-46-7181 (10: 00-20: 00)
[Customers purchased by Jailhouse members]
Please enclose a memo with your name, address, and phone number along with the ticket and return it to the Jail House below by registered mail by November 11 (Monday).
After confirming the arrival of the ticket, we will deduct the return fee from the deposit and refund it by registered mail.
■ Ticket return address: Jail House Co., Ltd. "Sukima Switch Toyohashi Performance Refund Section", 461-8645 Daikancho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya 37-13
(Note) Please note that we cannot accept applications after the deadline. Please note that the difference will not be refunded if the item is returned by other than registered mail.
[February 2021, 2 (Wednesday) February 10 (Thursday / holiday) transfer performance general release]
2021 year 1 month 23 day (Sat) 10: 00 ~
■ Inquiries: Jail House 052-936-6041 (Weekdays 11:00-15:00)

■ 2/21 Sears Home Yume Hall (Kumamoto Civic Center)
Based on the guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, we will hold the event with the safety and security of our customers first.
With the capacity of Sears Home Yume Hall (Kumamoto Civic Center) (capacity 1579 seats), which was originally planned to be held, it is more secure at this stage because it is difficult to hold a performance based on the new coronavirus infection spread prevention guidelines. In order to enjoy live performances safely, we will change to the Kumamoto Castle Hall Main Hall (capacity 2292 seats), which can secure more sukima for each customer.
* There is no change in the schedule.
* In the future, depending on the government's announcement of relaxation of the event capacity limit, customers may sit next to each other.

【Change before】
2021 years 2 month 21 (day)
Sears Home Yume Hall (Kumamoto City Hall) OPEN / START 18: 30/19: 00

[After change]
2021 years 2 month 21 (day)
Kumamoto Castle Hall Main Hall OPEN / START 18: 00/19: 00

* The opening time will be changed to avoid congestion at the time of admission.Please note.

Due to the change of venue, the seat number of the ticket you currently have will be transferred to the seat layout of Kumamoto Castle Hall.We will transfer the seat to a seat position that is as close to the original seat as possible, but there is a possibility that the seat will be moved back and forth from the original seat, or that your companions will sit across the aisle.Thank you for your understanding.

We will inform you about the seats after the transfer on our website around the beginning of February.
You will need your ticket to enter the venue, so please keep it in a safe place until the day of the performance.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused to everyone who was looking forward to the performance at Sears Home Yume Hall, and thank you for your understanding.
Unfortunately, if you cannot attend the transfer performance, we will refund the money below.
Refund period: 10/12 (Monday) 10:00 to 10/26 (Monday)

Customers who purchased with Lawson Ticket
Bring your ticket and various fee tickets and refund at your nearest Lawson or Ministop store.Please bring your ticket to Lawson or Ministop stores within the above refund period and apply for a refund at the in-store Loppi.
Refunds can be made at any store as long as the convenience store accepts the ticket.
If you have not issued a ticket yet, sorry to trouble you, but please issue a ticket once at Lawson Ministop and refund at Loppi.
Please check the URL below for the refund method.
Notice to customers performing "refund" procedure at Lawson Ministop
Regarding ticket refund at night/early morning (21:6 to XNUMX:XNUMX),
As a crime prevention measure, we received cooperation requests and instructions from the police, and cash in the cash register is restricted during the night and early morning hours.
Therefore, change may be insufficient at night/early morning and immediately before/after that.
Please do not refund at night or early in the morning.
Lawson Ticket/

Customers who purchased at Ticket Pia
The procedure varies depending on the ticket collection method.
After confirming the customer's pickup method,
Please proceed to the corresponding refund method explanation page from the URL below.
◎ Inquiries:
◎Ticket Pia

Customers who purchased at ePlus
*For details on refund method, please check from the address below.
*Please note that refunds will not be accepted after the refund period has expired.

Customers who purchased with LINE tickets
For refunds, you will be notified separately from the talk screen of "LINE ticket info", so please register the transfer destination within the specified period.
(Please note that refunds will not be accepted if you do not register within the period)
In addition, the notification will be sent to the holder, not the ticket purchaser, to notify the refund.
*Please check here for details. ⇒

■ Customers who purchased from Kyodo West Japan (KCC members / WEB members)
[Refund period] Please mail by April 10 (Monday) by all means.

[Refund method]
Please return the target ticket to Kyodo West Japan by simple registered mail within the specified refund period.
At that time, please enclose the ticket with the memo and the desired refund information.

<Request for refund information>
① Name
② Number of sheets
③ Bank name/branch name for which you want to transfer the refund
④ Account number
⑤ Account holder (please specify both kanji and katakana)
⑥ Phone number that can be contacted

<Ticket return address>
Kyodo West Japan "Sukima Switch Performance"
Concert ticket refund support staff * No address required

・We cannot respond after the refund period.
・Please be sure to include the ticket with the stub and return it. Please note that you will not be refunded if you send only the memo.

Kyodo West Japan: 0570-09-2424 (Weekdays and Saturdays 11: 00-17: 00)
We would like to take this opportunity to deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused to all the customers who were planning to visit us.

October 10 Sukima Switch members and staff

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