“SUKIMASWITCH produce Augusta Camp 11 Eve Festival” will be broadcast for the first time on WOWOW Plus on Thursday, November 30th!!

“SUKIMASWITCH produce Augusta Camp 9 Eve Festival” to be held on Friday, September 22nd will be broadcast for the first time on WOWOW Plus!
In addition to the eve of the festival, we will also deliver a digest of the special stage to celebrate Sukima Switch's 20th anniversary at the main performance the next day.

In addition, from the national tour “SUKIMASWITCH TOUR 2018 “ALGOrhythm” held in 2018,
The Nakano Sunplaza performance will be broadcast on WOWOW Plus on the same day!
Please enjoy it as well.

Program name:
① “SUKIMASWITCH produce Augusta Camp 2023 Eve Festival”
② “SUKIMASWITCH TOUR 2018 “ALGOrhythm” @ Nakano Sunplaza Hall”
Broadcast date and time:
① Thursday, November 2023, 11 30:19-00:20
②November 2023, 11 (Thursday) 30:20-30:22
Program site:

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