"Augusta Camp 2022" will be released on Blu-ray!Released on September 9th with limited order production! (updated from time to time)

The pattern of "Augusta Camp 2022" held at Yokohama Red Brick Park outdoor special stage on September 9, 25 will be released on Blu-ray!
"Augusta Camp 3", which was held outdoors with an audience for the first time in three years, was a special performance commemorating the 2022th anniversary of Office Augusta, as indicated by the performance title "Augusta Camp 2022 ~Office Augusta 30th Anniversary~".In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the company's establishment, with the desire to return to its origins, the performing artists performed their debut songs, and from the performances that incorporated the songs they wanted to see and hear from the fans, 30 selected live videos were recorded, and will be sold as a limited-order product at the UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE and Augusta Family Club.
In addition to the regular edition, Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, Sukima Switch, and Motohiro Hata official fan club members will also be able to purchase a gorgeous 48-page photo booklet containing live performances and backstages, as well as a fan club limited product that comes with a three-sided sleeve case.
In addition, as an enclosed privilege for all forms, a special ticket for "Augusta Camp 9 lottery participation ticket" that can be used at the venue of "Augusta Camp 23" to be held on Saturday, September 2023 this year will be included.
Orders for both the regular edition and fan club limited edition will be accepted until 8:7 on Monday, August 23th, so don't miss this opportunity!

-Product information-
Augusta Camp 2022

"Normal Edition"
Blu-ray (PDXA-1010): ¥8,800 (tax included)

[Regular Edition Jacket]

《Fan Club Limited Edition》
Blu-ray, photo book, three-sided case included (PROS-4912): ¥9,680 (tax included)
[Fan club limited edition jacket]

[Fan club limited edition image]

-Release date-
2023 years 9 month 13 Date (water)
* UNIVERSAL MUSIC STORE / Augusta Family Club Order-only products

-Order period-
XNUM X Month X NUM X Day (Fri) X NUM X: X NUM XWednesday, June 8, 9:9
Due to its popularity, the video product "Augusta Camp 2022-Office Augusta 30th Anniversary-"
Orders will be extended until 8:9 on August 9th!Don't forget to apply!

-Purchase site-
Augusta Family Club:

Fan club limited edition
Kyoko Official Fan Club "Kyoko Tsubaki":
Masayoshi Yamazaki Official Fan Club “BOOGIE HOUSE”:
Sukima Switch Official Fan Club “DELUXE”:
Motohiro Hata Official Fan Club “Home Ground”:

Opening Act - ReiRay "Typhoon"
Special Opening Movie
Kyoko with Fukumimi "DISTANCIA ~ Promise of this chest ~"
Kyoko “30minutes”
Tomoyuki Nagasawa “Our Brilliance”
Tomoyuki Nagasawa “Is it scary to not know?”
COIL "Genius Vagabond"
COIL with Kyoko "BIRDS"
Yuko Araki with Kyoko, COIL "Sonnet #9"
Masaya Matsumuro with Kyoko "Aren't you running down the adult stairs?"
Masaya Matsumuro “Go.”
Chitose Moto "Wadatsumi Tree"
Chitose Moto with Yu Sakai “KAMA KULA”
Chitose Moto with Kyoko, Masayoshi Yamazaki, COIL "Soft Cycle"
Takehara Pistol "My Adidas ~ Will as a person ~"
Hamabata Yohei with Masayoshi Yamazaki “Yui”
Hamabata Yohei with Kyoko “Peace”
Yu Sakai with Kyoko “Story”
Yu Sakai "You and I's Elegy"
Masayoshi Yamazaki “Illuminated by the Moonlight”
Masayoshi Yamazaki “Updraft”
Masayoshi Yamazaki with Kyoko, Masaya Matsumuro “Rootless Rhapsody”
Masayoshi Yamazaki “One more time, One more chance”
Sukima Switch "up !!!!!!"
Sukima Switch with Kyoko "Guarana"
Sukima Switch "view"
Sukima Switch "However, my beloved life"
Motohiro Hata “Synchro”
Motohiro Hata “Afterglow”
Motohiro Hata “Scales”
Fukumi "Planet Timer"
Fukumi "Let's go find the pieces of the stars Again"

-Enclosed benefits-
Augusta Camp 2023 lottery ticket

《Raffle prize》
Special prize: AC2022 PEZ collaboration hoodie (signed by all artists) 5 winners
A prize: AC2022 PEZ collaboration logo T-shirt (white) 10 people
Prize B: AC2022 thermo bottle for 10 people
Prize C: Original clear file for 50 people 
Participation prize: logo sticker

* Please note that participation in the special event is limited to those who have "Augusta Camp 2023 lottery participation" and "Augusta Camp 2023" performance tickets.
*Please be sure to bring the privilege ticket to the venue. If you forget your privilege ticket or present a copy/photo, you will not be able to receive the privilege.
*The privilege ticket cannot be reissued due to loss, theft, or damage. In addition, we will not refund if you do not use it.
*Valid only on the day of “Augusta Camp 9” on Saturday, September 23rd.
* The bonus ticket cannot be used alone. ("Augusta Camp 2023" admission ticket is required)
*Up to 1 people can use each piece. (Pre-school children are not included in the number)

The lottery venue has been decided!
Don't forget the bonus ticket included with the product on the day!

Furthermore, Live Blu-ray “Augusta Camp 2023” will be sold at the Augusta Camp 2022 venue!
*Only a limited number will be available, so please forgive us if they are sold out.
*Products sold at the venue also include bonus tickets, allowing you to participate in the lottery.
*Both on-site sales and lottery will be held only on Saturday, September 9rd.

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