FM802 "802 BINTANG GARDEN" Sukima Switch 20th Anniversary POPMAN'S RADIO "" decided!

Sukima Switch special broadcast decided on FM802!
On the day of the debut anniversary, we will deliver an hour of “Boku Note” of the past, present and future of Sukima Switch.
We will approach the turning point in the 20 years that the two have walked.
Jump out of the studio, cruise around Nakanoshima, Osaka, and go sightseeing in Osaka! !

Also, he will talk about his enthusiasm for "Sukima Switch 11th ANNIVERSARY 'POPMAN'S WORLD 25 premium'" to be held at Osaka-jo Hall on 20/2023 (Sat.)!

Program name: 802 BINTANG GARDEN “Sukima Switch 20th Anniversary POPMAN’S RADIO”
Broadcast date: Sunday, July 2023, 7 9:21-00:22
Cooperation: Osaka Water Bus Co., Ltd.

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