Sukima Switch appears in JFN affiliated 29 station net program "Artist Produce Super Edition"!

Sukima Switch will appear as an artist in July on the JFN affiliated 29-station net program "Artist Produce Super Edition"!
In the program, while looking back on the 20-year history of Sukima Switch, we will deliver plenty of numbers selected from SUKIMASWITCH 7th Anniversary BEST "POPMAN'S WORLD -Second-" released on Wednesday, July 5th.

And we are looking for messages from listeners!

■ The theme of the message is ... [My free time]

What are you doing in your spare time?
Is the gap between work and home a movie on your smartphone?game?Music appreciation?
Switch time to switch your mind and heart, reading, knitting, playing with pets.
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
And July is the season of gaps between the rainy season and summer.
Please tell us about your spare time!

From those who received the message, 5 people will be selected by lottery,
Get a “Sukima Switch autographed poster” as a gift!

* Winning will be returned upon shipping.

▼ Message from the program message form!

* If you would like a gift, please enter your address, name, and phone number.
Search for "AuDee" in your app store to download the app!

▼ Program information is available from the smartphone app or the website "AuDee"
You can check it on the "Artist-Produced Super Edition" page.

<Scheduled to connect 29 JFN stations nationwide>

FM Aomori, FM Iwate, FM Sendai, FM Yamagata, Fukushima FM, FM GUNMA, TOKYO FM
FM Niigata, FM Nagano, FM Ishikawa, FM Fukui, FM AICHI, FM GIFU, FM Mie
FM Shiga, FM Osaka, Kiss-FMKOBE, FM Sanin, Hiroshima FM, FM Yamaguchi, FM Tokushima, FM Kochi FM Saga, FM Nagasaki, FM Kumamoto, FM Oita, FM Miyazaki, FM Kagoshima, FM Okinawa

* Broadcast sequentially from Wednesday, July 2023, 7. (5 minutes program x 55 episodes)
For details, please check the website of each broadcasting station.

* There is a possibility that it will be changed or canceled due to a temporary response such as a disaster.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

* For IP simulcasts such as "radiko premium"
If you choose the above OA station, you can listen to it nationwide.

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